8 Foods To Eat While Gaming On The Go

  8 Foods to Eat While Gaming on the Go

8 Foods to Eat While Gaming on the Go

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Snacks for gaming Philadelphia, PA - If you are having a long gaming session or you aren’t going to have the time to make something to eat, you might turn to something quick and easy. However, eating junk food or unhealthy choices over and over again is not only bad for you but unnecessary.

#Foods You Can Eat While Gaming On The Go

Whether you decide to play bingo or join a League of Legends tournament, you will want the right snacks not only to give you focus and energy but also to be healthy.

Full Meals 

While snacks are easier, it is best to try to eat full meals as much as possible. Not only are full meals much more filling and keep you going for longer, but making the meal yourself almost always means it will be healthier.

You can make a large meal and portion it out if you are really short on time, meaning you don't have to cook every single time, and you always have a healthy meal available. However, if cooking isn’t for you, there are some great alternatives. 


Nuts are one of the best snacks on the planet for multiple reasons. They give you energy, they are low in fat and high in protein; meaning they are great for a road trip or a post-workout snack.

However, it is best to avoid salted nuts as too much salt isn’t good for anyone. There is also no preparation involved; just open up a tub and leave it near you while you play. 

Frozen Fruit

Candy is another firm favorite when it comes to looking for a quick snack. However, candy is packed with sugar, will give you an energy spike, and then you’ll crash, and too much of it is simply just not good for you. 

A great alternative is to freeze fruit, especially berries and grapes. They are still easy to eat, and freezing them makes them a bit sweeter without being unhealthy. Frozen fruit is also delicious and often has the same texture as sorbet.


Sandwiches are easy to make. You can eat them with one hand, make a few in advance, store them, and take them wherever you go. It is best to avoid white bread and instead choose a healthier alternative like rye or a seed loaf.

Avoid tons of mayonnaise or butter to keep the fat down, but sandwiches can be incredibly healthy if you stick to clean fats and proteins. 


While it isn’t for everyone, sushi is another healthy snack that is great for eating on the move or when you only have one hand free. The fresh fish it contains is a brilliant source of healthy fats and proteins, and most sushi is low in sodium and sugar, especially if you use a minimal amount of soy sauce.

Sushi can also be quite affordable depending on where you look, with many restaurants offering large platters that are enough for a few meals. 


Smoothies are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get all the fruits and vegetables you need in a day in one meal. You can put anything you want in them, and things such as peanut butter and certain fruits cover up the taste of things you may not like.

There are also tons of recipes online for smoothies that do different things; some are good for weight loss, some are post-workout shakes, and others are great meal alternatives; there is more than enough choice. 

Pita Bread and Hummus

Pita bread and a dip of some kind are a perfect alternative to potato chips. Hummus has always been the dip of choice for those looking to eat healthy, as it is low in fat and calories while still being delicious.

If pita bread isn’t for you, you can cut up some vegetables and dip them in hummus instead. Carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and whatever else you like are all perfect.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is often high in protein and low in fat due to being relatively lean and is the perfect snack when you need a quick boost. It is best not to eat too much, though, as, like most cured meats, jerky can be high in sodium.

There are a lot of varieties of jerky, too, if you don’t want beef, with chicken, turkey, and bacon jerky all available. 

Boiled Eggs

While they are something you might not want to eat on their own, boiled eggs are easy to make and a great accompaniment to any meal you may be having. They are packed with protein, and if you want to cut the fat, you can just take the yolk out.

If you leave them in the shell, you can keep them in the fridge for a few days, meaning you can make a big batch at one time and always have some available. 

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