Bald Eagle Nest in Hanover Livestream

Bald Eagle Nest in Hanover Livestream

Bald Eagle Nest in Hanover Livestream

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Bald Eagle Nest CameraPhiladelphia, PA - A new eagle cam is coming to Pennsylvania's Codorus State Park. The nest is home to two resident bald eagles named Liberty and Freedom. A few years ago, they laid two eggs, but cracks in the tree could be problematic in the future. With the new Livestream, viewers will watch the bald eagles' lives and observe the nest in real-time.

Bald Eagle Nest in Hanover Gets New Livestreaming

The Eagle Cam In Hanover showed the bald eagle nest laying two eggs, one after another. The eggs were laid on Feb. 2 and 5, the earliest known laying in Hanover. The next two eggs will be laid on February 13 and 18 in 2020 and February 26 and March 1 in 2019. In 2017, a female eagle hatched an egg on February 10 and 13. In 2016, it was a couple of weeks later, the female hatched her first egg.

The eagle cam in Hanover has a large following among local residents and the community as viewers eagerly await the fledging eaglets. Another factor in the popularity of the cam is the history of the nest. Before the Canadian government brought the first bald eagle chicks to the northeast, Pennsylvania had three bald eagle nests. Then, an intruder eagle named Lucy interfered with the resident bald eagle Liberty and took her eggs. The resident bald eagle Liberty, eventually lost her eggs. Still, the new live-streaming camera in Hanover allows her to watch the entire lifecycle from hatching to fledging.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has partnered with HDOnTap to offer a Livestream of the nest to viewers across the country. The Livestream features footage from 1,800 webcams and delivers millions of hours of live video every month. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been working with the company since 2010 to create a Livestream. They hope that this new Livestream will allow people to see the eagles in their natural habitat.

What Makes Bald Eagles So Attractive?

Bald eagles are a very common bird, but what is it about them that makes them so attractive to people? They are an opportunistic feeder that feeds mostly on fish. It swoops down to capture prey with its talons. They are a very protective species, and they build the largest nest in North America, measuring up to 3.5 meters (10 feet) across and weighing a metric ton. Bald eagles are known for their huge nests, known as aeries, and they build these massive nests with twigs, sticks, grass, and a piece of tree branch every year.

A few decades ago, bald eagles were nearly extinct in the lower 48 United States. Since then, conservation efforts have led to an incredible recovery of the species. These efforts include enacting protective laws and limiting pollutants that pose a threat to bald eagles. Bald eagle nest sites are protected, and bald eagles have regained their population and reestablished their natural habitats.

The bald eagle is one of the most distinctive birds in the world. The bird's body is brown and has a distinctive white head, neck, tail, and feet. It also has a distinctive hooked yellow beak. The average weight of an adult male is eight to nine pounds, while a female weighs about ten pounds. Their wingspan is about 6.5 feet, and their body length is approximately 28 to 38 inches. Bald eagles soar on flat wings, so their plumage is usually quite thick and dense.

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