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Visting Philadelphia History

Photo: Philadelphia Constitution Center

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Visiting Philadelphia HistoryPhiladelphia, PA - Philadelphia will always have a special place in American history. Visitors from all over the world travel here to experience the history and explore this beautiful city and all it has to offers.

Philadelphia's Historic Past

Philadelphia was once in-fact the seat of the American government's following the first decades of American independence, as well as America's largest city. The city's pride and history is evident at City Hall in Center City, which happens to be the most massive and most ornate municipal hall in the country.

In it's past, Philadelphia had been the site of the Continental and then the US Congress until the 1800s. However, Philadelphia's historical past is even older than the United States itself. Initially, a British Colony established by William Penn, a Quaker. Pennsylvania interested religious denominations from around the world to its largest city Philadelphia, which built numerous breathtaking churches throughout the city to participate in the religious freedom they discovered in Philadelphia.

The City of Philadelphia's culture and importance runs deep in the building of the United States. Beginning with Independence Hall, the place where the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776 and proclaiming Americans independence.

For instance, Penn's Landing, named after Pennsylvania's first governor William Penn, Philadelphia, offers a great deal of history to teach tourists in regards to the beginning years of America. But today, Philadelphia is a hectic metropolis with numerous contemporary attractions, from wining and dining to world-class entertainment.

Philadelphia was basically and continues to be still, to this day, an important cultural center. Benjamin Franklin alone is responsible for the founding of numerous academic and cultural attractions throughout the city to this day. As countless universities, galleries, and museums can be discovered right here in the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia's thoughtful city planning managed to make it a superb option for housing the US government, and it has created numerous cultural attractions that are still appreciated by visitors and residents today. For example, Fairmont Park is the largest landscaped public park in the world. It contains countless tourist attractions, as well as hiking trails and recreation areas.

Amongst the city's treasures are The Philadelphia Art Museum which happens to be the third-largest museum in the country with more than 300 thousand pieces of artwork and artifacts. Other galleries and museums commemorate Philadelphia's American history, including Penn's Landing, in which a stunning collection of historic ships offers the background for several eateries as well as a lively night-life.

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