How to Order a Cheesesteak in Philly

How to Order a Cheesesteak in Philly

How to Order a Philadelphia Cheesesteak

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how to order a philly cheesesteakPhiladelphia, PA - Planning a visit to Philadelphia, then a visit to one of the city's many cheesesteak joints is in order. The Philly cheesesteak may perhaps be a just sandwich, yet it has plenty of variations that could be overwhelming on how to order one. This article will explain just what to do.

How to Order a Philadelphia Cheesesteak

It seems like every corner in Philadelphia has an eatery serving up the juicy, cheesy cheesesteak -- So precisely how do you order a cheesesteak in Philadelphia? (Yes, truth be told, there's a correct way and a completely wrong way.) Below are a couple of guidelines for acquiring a Philly cheesesteak, as well as suggestions for what not to do.

First, It's Not a Hoagie

Based upon what region of the country you come from, you probably refer to a sandwich on a long roll as "sub," "submarine sandwich," "hoagie," "hero," "wedge," or even a "grinder." A LOT OF PEOPLE have regional variations in food terminology, and Philly is fundamentally no different; it's a cheesesteak!

Philadelphians, however, have a specific way of placing a cheesesteaks order. First, one of the biggest out-of-town mistakes is to ask for a "cheesesteak hoagie." you'll wind up with a Philly hoagie and cheesesteak in one, so you might want to stick to a regular cheesesteak at first. In Philadelphia, a hoagie happens to be a completely different sandwich on a long roll along with lunch meats, lettuce, and tomato. Unless, of course, you enjoy veggies other than fried onions on top of your cheesesteak, abstain from requesting a cheesesteak hoagie on your first try.

So what is Wit' or Without

Talking about onions, If you don't take pleasure in fried onions on top of your cheesesteak. It's perfectly okay. Simply order "with" or "without." There is no need to use the word "onion" in the sentence. The server is going to know what you're asking for.

Do I have to get cheese?

Numerous cheesesteak vendors offer an option of cheese, while a few also provide that highly processed Cheeze Whiz as a warm, gooey default. Most cheesesteak joints offer various other alternatives, such as American, provolone, or mozzarella, in addition to wiz. If offered the choice to pick your cheese, don't be afraid; speak up.

The Don'ts

  • Don't ask for Swiss cheese. -  John Kerry made that mistake.
  • And do not ask for rare, medium-rare, or medium. Every cheesesteak is well done.

So, How to Order a Philadelphia Cheesesteak

For example, "One Whiz, wit (or witout)"; "One Steak, wit (or witout)"; or "One American, wit (or without)."

If you decide you don't want cheese on your cheesesteak, order a "steak" with or without (onions).

So you want a cheesesteak with American cheese and onions. Here's exactly how you do it without offending Philly sandwich shop owners. Just follow this straightforward example: I would like: [Quantity] + [Cheese] + [With or without onion].

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