Why Philadelphia is One of the Best Cities for Sports in the USA

Why Philadelphia is One of the Best Cities for Sports in the USA

Why Philadelphia is One of the Best Cities for Sports in the USA

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Philadelphia is One of the Best Cities for Sports in the USAPhiladelphia, PA - The City of Brotherly Love has widely been regarded as one of the best cities in the United States for sports. Not only does it have multiple A-grade teams, but it also has one of the most passionate fanbases around, no matter the sport.  Whether you watch ice hockey or check the football odds to see what the Eagles are doing, Philadelphia is the place for sports fans across the country.

Why Philadelphia is the Best City for Sport

The Teams

Very few states in the US have professional teams in all the major American sports: basketball, football, baseball, ice hockey, and soccer. Not only does Philly have all four, but they are some of the best teams around, too.

The Eagles have been Super Bowl champions and are currently in a resurgence that can see them reach the Super Bowl again. The Phillies reached last season’s World Series, and the 76ers are constant NBA Championship threats. While the Flyers and Union have yet to make a mark recently, both teams are on the rise. 

Franchise Success

One of the most significant factors that have driven Philly to be one of the best sports cities is that its teams aren’t just there to fill the numbers. The 76ers, Flyers, and Phillies have achieved significant success over the years.

While it has been fifty years, the Flyers are two-time Stanley Cup winners, the 76ers have won the NBA Championship three times, and the Phillies are two-time World Series winners, most recently in 2008. Lastly, the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017, bringing another trophy back to the city. The odds of the Union winning something major are still low; however, they are growing and becoming stronger every single game.


Part of what makes a sporting event fun and enjoyable is the stadium. Fans feel more excited and positive when sitting somewhere drenched in passion and success. Philly stadiums have this and more, no matter how big or small.

The Wells Fargo Center doesn’t stop rocking while the Flyers are on the ice, and the Lincoln Financial Field feels like the Colleseum of ancient Rome. 

Fan Passion

You will be hard-pressed to find a louder and more passionate crowd than the one you would find at an Eagles or Flyers game. Philly fans are famous for being some of the raucous around, never letting their team forget that they are behind them.

Each team has a large amount of support, but the real passion of Philadelphia is seen and felt at every Eagles game. Many opponents have stated how they are intimated to play there and how the crowd plays a huge role in how well the team does. 


Philly isn’t just a state that has seen recent success. Over the years and decades, there have been several teams filled with some of the most incredible athletes in their chosen sport that have called Philly home.

The city doesn’t have one of the giants of sports, such as the Yankees, Lakers, or Patriots, but they do have a successful past. As mentioned, the Eagles, 76ers, Flyers, and Phillies have all won championships, and massive names such as Joel Embiid, Bryce Harper, Julius Erving, Mose Malone, and dozens of others have called the city home.

General Experience

When you combine all of these aspects of the city, you end up with a sporting experience like no other. One of the best ways to see this is to watch a Flyers, Union, or Phillies game.

Of all three teams, barring the Phillies' recent World Series run, neither the Flyers nor the Union has had any type of success to mention recently. Yet, each and every game, there is a massive group of Philly fans cheering every second.

Even when the teams are on the road, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to find a Philly fan ready to scream their lungs out for their team. This is where Philly supporters tend to separate themselves from others; no amount of poor results slow them down.

When the chips are down, Philadelphia remains positive and keeps moving forward and onto bigger and better things. Nothing can keep a Phildephia team down, no matter how hard their opponents try. 

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