NFL Rivalries: Miami Dolphins Vs. Buffalo Bills

NFL Rivalries: Miami Dolphins Vs. Buffalo Bills

NFL Rivalries: Miami Dolphins Vs. Buffalo Bills

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Miami Dolphins Vs. Buffalo BillsMIAMI & BUFFALO  - Nothing makes the NFL interesting quite like a good old-fashioned rivalry! NFL rivalries are one of the factors that often influence NFL betting! A good rivalry brings up a lot of emotion, enthusiasm, and passion from players and fans alike.

Some rivalries in the NFL are age-old, dating back to before the NFL-AFL merger, and there are others that are new, young, and fiery. Neither type of rivalry is better, but we love the rivalries that come with the most heat, history, and passion.

One of these rivalries is the Bills vs. Dolphins rivalry, and with the Bills doing so well this year, we are sure the Dolphins are watching on with a bit of a pout!

The rivalry between the Dolphins and Bills goes all the way back to 1966 when the Dolphins became part of the AFC. That year, they met on the field for the first time ever.

Then, since the 70s, they have faced off around 20 times per decade, and they are scheduled to continue doing so. Although the rivalry has been broken up a bit due to the action in the league, the execs knew how important the rivalry was and put plans in place, so it continues.


So, what exactly started this all off, and what is the history behind these teams that makes this rivalry so super hot?

Let’s tell you the history of this epic rivalry!

The Beginning

In the beginning, Miami joined the league, and they played Buffalo for the first time later on in that season. The Buffalo Bills got 48 points in the first half of the game and later beat the Dolphins by 34 points.

In the first match-up, they shut the Dolphins out 29-0, and then the year after, Miami defeated the Bills for the first time. In ‘68, they played to a tie at 14-14, the only tie in the history of that rivalry!

In ‘69, the NFL merger happened, and it re-aligned the divisions. The Dolphins and Bills joined the AFC East division, ensuring that every year they would play twice. Then in the 1970s, the Dolphins won every meeting, each of the 20 meetings they had.

Twelve victories of the Dolphins happened by 10 points or more, so they totally dominated the Bills for that entire century. It is the longest winning streak between 2 teams in the history of the NFL.

The closest game between these two at this time was in 1972; in that year, the closest that Miami ever got to a defeat was in the first game against the Bills, where Miami had a victory score of 24-23. The Dolphins then won the Super Bowl that year in a stretch of back-to-backs for Miami!


The 80s brought in a whole new competitive scene between these franchises. In 1980, the Bills had their first victory against the Dolphins in 21 games, and they won 17-7 in a home game.

NFL rumors say that the fans celebrated by rushing into the field and tearing down a goalpost in the process.

Then in 1983, the Dolphins hosted the Bills. Other than the two early wins in that decade, Miami won 11 of the other 12 games between them until 86.


The 90s had a lot of familiar faces, with most of the matchups between Kelly and Marino. From 1986 to 1996, they met 21 times over, as well as in the postseason.

In 1990, they met for the first time in the playoffs; it ended with a victory for the Bills in the divisional. In 1992, the teams met in the playoffs in the AFC Championship Game.

They met two more times in the playoffs during the 90s. In 1995, the Bills broke the league's record for the amount of rushing yards in a single game. Then in 1999, they met for the 4th playoff game in a decade, in which the Dolphins won 24-17.

The 00s

The rivalry slowed in the 00s as both teams lacked any success. They only made three playoff appearances between them, but in 2008, they faced off in Toronto, which was the first game played in Canada.

The 2010s

The 2010s also saw a lack of success from both teams, and they are still struggling to break out of this.

In 2017, Buffalo won a victory over Miami that gave them a playoff berth (the first in 18 years). It was memorable, but most fans remember the Bengal's victory over the Ravens, allowing the Bills to clinch.


Now, of course, in the 2020s, the Bills are doing better, and this year it even looks like they will make it to divisional and maybe even conference games. They have one of the highest odds of winning the Super Bowl this year.

While the Dolphins have not exactly been doing great this season, the Bills have been doing amazingly. The Bills may even make it to the Super Bowl.

In week 15, these two teams faced each other again, and it was actually a close game, with the Bills defeating the Dolphins 32-29! 

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