The Greatest NFL Players To Ever Grace the Field

Who are the Greatest NFL Players

Greatest NFL Players To Ever Grace the Field

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NFL GreatsPhiladelphia, PA - Over the last 100 years of N.F.L. history, we have seen thousands of players step out onto the green grass of the football field. With that many players, it can be hard to keep track of who was great, and those players are quickly forgotten - we only remember the exceptional. 

6 N.F.L. G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) players

You have to come to this article because you are looking for the most exceptional players in N.F.L. history. You will not be disappointed. If you think you know who the next all-time great N.F.L. player is going to be then you can bet on that and N.F.L. player props here. 

Read on to discover the six greatest N.F.L. players ever to grace the Football Field:

#1 - Jerry Rice 

There are only two non-kicking players in the history of the N.F.L. that have played more than 300 games. Those men are number #1 and #2 on this list. Is that a coincidence? No. Rice has also scored more points than any other non-kicker in the history of the N.F.L. - 1256. Rice currently holds over 100 other N.F.L. records; for many of these, no other player has even come close to passing him. 

 We really could fill this whole website with the amazing things that Jerry Rice did during his football career. Rice's son Jerry Jr is carrying on his father's legacy in the N.F.L. 


#2 - Brett Favre 

Aside from Rice, Favre is the only non-kicking player to play in over 300 NFL matches. He was the first-ever quarterback to rack up the following stats: 70,000 yards, 10,000 passes, 6,000 completions, 500 touchdowns, 200 wins, and victories overall for 32 teams. Between 1992 and 2010, Favre started in 321 consecutive games - this is an N.F.L. record and earned him the nickname "iron man."

 Farve only won one Super Bowl title during his career - but that stat only shows that the number of Super Bowl titles a player has is not an accurate representation of a player's talent.

#3 - Reggie White 

Reggie White is widely regarded as the best N.F.L. defensive end of all time. White was referred to as "the Minister of Defense" during his career (thanks in part to his strongly held Christian beliefs). In fact, many see White as one of the best N.F.L. players of all time. White is one of the most decorated N.F.L. players ever. He was named in the Pro Bowl 13 times, in the 75th-anniversary team, and the 100th-anniversary team. He is also second in the all-time sacks table.

#4 - Joe Montana 

Joe "Cool" Montana made a huge impact on the history of the N.F.L. He is a 4-time Super Bowl champion, 3-time Super Bowl M.V.P., and an 8-time Pro Bowl player. During his 4 Super Bowl matches, Montana made 112 passes without an interception (that's a record). One of these passes was his famous 92-yard drive against the Bengals. 

Montana was also the talent behind the now-infamous "catch" that happened in 1981, which won his team the N.F.C. division title. Montana did all of this despite having had major spinal surgery in the middle of his N.F.L. career.

#5 - Jim Brown 

Jim Brown impressed America from his very first match and was named Rookie of the Year in 1957. He was named in the 50th, 70th, and 100th N.F.L. anniversary teams. Brown is one of only two people to have received an invite to play in the Pro Bowl for every single season that they played in the N.F.L. - that was 9 Pro Bowls in total. 

 In the nine years that Brown played, he was N.F.L. rushing yards leader for 8 of those years. He was also an N.F.L. rushing touchdown leader for 5 of those years. Brown was an NFL MVP 3 times during his career.

#6 - Barry Sanders

The final player we are going to talk about today is Barry Sanders. Sanders is the greatest ever N.F.L. running back. When it comes to that title, Sanders really has no competition. He made an average of 1,527 rushing yards per season and is the only running back to rush for over 1,000 yards in every season of his career. 

Sanders ended his career with 15,269 yards and 109 total touchdowns. Sanders, aside from Brown, is the only player ever to be invited to the Pro Bowl for every season they played in. He also broke dozens of records during his college career - one year, he rushed 2,850 yards and 42 touchdowns in 12 games. 

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