Strategies To Follow When Betting on The NFL

Strategies To Follow When Betting on The NFL

Strategies To Follow When Betting on The NFL

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Sports Betting PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA - If we could only bet on one sport for the rest of our lives, it would be the NFL. It is America's favorite sport for a reason. With dozens of pre-season matches, hundreds of matches during the season, and dozens of more postseason matches - there are no ends of NFL games to bet on.

A Foolproof Guide to Betting on The NFL Next Season

But you already know that, and you're here to learn how to win more money during your NFL betting. Don't worry - here are 10 betting tips that will give you your most profitable season ever. 

Two-Way betting 

Two-Way betting is a simple betting strategy that guarantees that you go home with a little bit of money. This strategy is the literal definition of hedging your bets.

When you bet two ways, you bet on a team to win, and you bet on the same team to lose. This way, no matter what happens, you will win something.

This tip is great for those matches where you're not certain which way things are going to play out. If you're pretty sure there is going to be a landslide victory, then you may want to take a risk and just bet on the team to win.

Trust the short odds.

You will find this piece of advice in every betting advice post. But that is because this is one of the best pieces of betting advice out there.

You will make more money betting on short odds and winning small prizes than on the long odds. You will lose money on the long odds while waiting for your big win. 

Do your research 

A team's record will tell you a lot. And by studying that record, you can usually make a very informed decision about whether to bet on them or not.

You should be looking at the teams: 

  • Home and away records 
  • Record against the team they are playing
  • Their record for the last 5 matches

This is the information that the bookies use to put together their odds. You can use it too, in order to beat the bookies. 

Betting on the title? Bet on multiple teams 

Again, this is another simple tip. But it's so simple many people ignore it.

Suppose you have $250 to bet on who is going to win the Superbowl. You could put it all on one team, or you could put $50 on 5 different teams. This would increase your odds of winning by 5 times. 

Who is the home team? 

America is a big country. This means that playing home or away means a lot more in the NFL than it does in sports like Soccer.


The time difference and the time spent traveling. 

These two factors can hit teams hard particularly when East Coast teams travel to the West Coast and end up playing at times that feel like the middle of the night to them.

Some teams seem to cope with away matches better than others. But some teams completely fall apart when they are on the road. Between 2013-2018 the 49'ers went 9-31 as the away team. And they weren't even the worst away team over that period! 

Watch the injury announcements.

We recommend watching the injury announcements throughout the season. You should also keep a close eye on the transfer news during the pre-season sales.

There are some teams that have a vast array of quality throughout their team sheet. Some teams have so much quality that it overflows onto their bench. These teams are able to cope with an injury to an important player - except maybe their Quarterback. They can just slot another world-class player into the team and carry on like nothing has happened.

Other teams don't have the same kind of talent to lean on. If the team's most important player is injured, then you should seriously consider whether they are still worth betting on. In this situation, you may have to ignore the research and go with your gut.

The same applies to the start of the season after major players have transferred to new teams. For example, Tom Brady moving to the Bucs slashed the Patriots' odds of winning the Superbowl. 

Keep an eye on the Lines.

We recommend making your bets on the same day as the match. You don't want to make your bets too far in advance, as anything could happen in the week leading up to the match.

As news comes out concerning the teams, the injuries, and the players - you will notice that the odds will change.

While it can be tempting to put money on teams as their odds are dropping in the hope of getting a bigger payout. Try to resist; the bookies are slashing those odds for a reason.  

Make a Proposition bet.

You don't just have to bet on the final result of the match. You can bet on much more during the NFL season and postseason.

You should consider making a Proposition bet, particularly if you have done a lot of research on the teams that are playing. These types of bets can offer you much better odds than the final result.

Proposition bets are any bet that isn't about the final result of the game.

Examples of propositional bets include - who will score next, how many intercepts will be made in a match, who will be named the MVP this year. 

Look at individual player matchups. 

Our final tip is to look at the players who will actually be on the pitch.

The Bucs could be playing away and missing two key players while playing Washington Football Team. But if Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick are both on the pitch, then our money is on the Bucs.

Not all matchups are so easy to measure up, but you will find this exercise easier the more you do it.

As important as the results and history of teams are, you shouldn't forget the impact that an individual player can have on a match.

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