The Best NFL Games Played Outside of the US

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NFL GreatPhiladelphia, PA - Although the NFL is an American sport, in 2005, the league branched out to other countries. The teams were still American, but the fans were as international as the TV audiences. Just as Fanduel's NFL odds are used by many nations, international fans had been yearning for a chance to see the games live too!

Top 5 Best Overseas NFL Games

Today we are going to share the best games played outside the US so that you can watch them as well!

The First NFL Game Played Outside The US - 2005 - Mexico City

The 2005 Mexico City game between the Cardinals and the 49ers was the first-ever Non-United States played NFL game. It also held the highest paid attendance record for 4 years afterward with a whopping 103,467 people coming to view the sport.

This stadium is also the only regular-season game location that is still running, not including London's Wembley Stadium or Toronto's Rogers Centre.

This beginning game was an excellent start to the Non-United States locations. The Cardinals kept behind 385 yards and created two touchdowns, both by Josh McCown.

It was also the game that allowed Alex Smith to earn his first career completion.

Best Paired Quarterbacks - 2008 - London

Undoubtedly recognized as the best pairing of quarterback performances in all of the international games before it and to come, Philip Rivers and Drew Brees used each other to create a massive stretch of 680 yards and a whopping 6 touchdowns.

If you wanted to compare the two, Drew Bree managed to create 339-yard performances and 3 touchdowns without any interceptions. He was the running star, but the pair were unstoppable.

Despite these amazing accomplishments, the game was still tight. The Saints ended up winning with just 5 points in it. The Chargers left with a sulk of 32 points.

Outstanding Shotguns - 2009 - London

Tom Brady, the living legend, created outstanding shotgun formations during the Patriots vs. Buccaneers game. He completed 16 of the 20 attempts he was in, and they were at 223 yards. He also completed all three of his touchdowns.

John Johnson also threw a touchdown pass to both teams in this game, which shocked the crowds.

The game was so wild that many people watched and rewatched the unforgettable play.

The Bills Swept The Floor - 2011 - Toronto

The Bills had never won a game in Canada since the country was included in the International Stadiums, but in 2011 the Bills broke this record. Not only did they break free from this bubble, but they also destroyed their competition. The Bills vs. the Redskins ended up with a final score of 43 to 0. No other team has ended an international game with 0 points! This record still holds true today!

Dominant Patriots - 2012 - London

The biggest crowd that the NFL has ever received in Wembley London came from the Patriots vs. Rams game in 2012. 84,004 paid attendance went to the match, and boy did they get their money. The Rams took an early lead, with 7 to 0 being the scores. But this win shouldn't have been celebrated so early as the New England Patriots smashed through with 45 straight points, including touchdowns that appeared in the first 5 possession attempts.

However, as the players had learned from years of previous games in London, the British are not a fan of quarterback kneel-downs. Ryan Mallett chose the audience-hated move over a fumble anyway, which led to the clock running out with a cry of boos.

It was this game that, although ended in boos, gave the team the title of First Multiple Wins in England.

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