Independence Beer Garden Not The Place For Cheesesteaks

Independence Beer Garden Not The Place For Cheesesteaks

Independence Beer Garden Not The Place For Cheesesteaks

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Philadelphia, PA - 4th of July weekend and I meet up with Instagram celebrity Gratzfeed at Independence Beer Garden in Philadelphia. I really wanted to love this place, and things starting out really well.


I found a parking spot on Independence Mall in front of the Beer Garden, and Parking was free. I assumed it was because it was a holiday? I found Gratzfeed right away. We found a table away from the dogs and kids (that will be funny when watching the video).

Independence Beer Garden is vast and has several different sitting areas separated by walls, bushes, and bars. You can most likely find a sitting space conducive to whatever you are out doing. Plus, they have a diverse beer selection.

Independence Beer Garden, I assume, has a good ordering process if your phone is free, and you can verify your credit card information via your e-mail. But, I was having technical difficulties while trying to video meeting Gratzfeed, which made ordering a bit cumbersome.

I had a couple different beers and enjoyed each one, but I was hungry for a cheesesteak; I would get their cheesesteak and like it. But I am not driving to Independence Beer Garden again for a cheesesteak and probably not for any other food. Let's just stick to the beers next time.

The meat was gyro'esque. It felt like Pre-cooked steak/ribeye. Sliced off pieces of meat and then reheated on the grill when ordered. The roll was okay, but the beer cheese left you wanting for something better.

When I forced myself past the texture, I convinced myself that the beef had a decent flavor. It was the same for the other food. The pretzels and fried pickles fell start off being good. With all of that said, I would still go to Independence Beer Garden to drink and then not hesitate to order their food when I got hungry.

.Independence Beer Garden at 100 S Independence Mall W Philadelphia, PA

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