7 Reasons to Visit Wildwood New Jersey

7 Reasons to Visit Wildwood New Jersey

7 Reasons to Visit Wildwood New Jersey

Jersey Shore
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The Beaches In The Wildwoods, New JerseyThe Wildwoods - There are plenty of beaches to visit down the Jersey Shore, but The Wildwoods seems to have it all, from the Boardwalk to the beaches and nightlife.

The Beaches In The Wildwoods, New Jersey

While there are many reasons to visit North Wildwood, Wildwood, or Wildwood Crest beaches during your next vacation, let us just explore a few. For one, they are immaculate, large, and the best part of all...they are free.

While most New Jersey beaches have fees and beach tags to pay before you even stick your toes in the water, Wildwood Beaches are totally free!

Below is 7 other reasons why we prefer The Wildwoods over all the other beach towns down at the Jersey Shore.

  1. They are super clean! They are not trashed up or rocky. They are super smooth and pristine beaches that are cleaned and maintained daily.
  2. Suppose you are not into small beaches where it's crowded and hard to get a good spot. You are in luck because this is not the case in The Wildwoods. Here the beaches are large, with a ton of room, and most importantly, family-friendly.
  3. The Boardwalk spans North Wildwood, Wildwood, and drops you off at Wildwood Crest. But most visitors go to enjoy loads of entertainment and amusement rides up and down the Boardwalk. But, the Boardwalk is also loaded with plenty of places to eat and shop. See... Best Boardwalk Eats in The Wildwoods
  4. Parking can be a nightmare at other beach towns. But in The Wildwoods, you can always find parking by a parking meter or pay a few bucks per day for lot parking near your favorite place on the beach. Tip: we always stay in a beachfront hotel, so parking is included.
  5. Most New Jersey beaches are notorious for have to hunt down a restroom; this is not the case in The Wildwoods. There are clean bathrooms every couple of blocks along the beach, and these restrooms, and best of all, they are free.
  6. Each beach town in The Wildwoods is equipped with plenty of lifeguards, and first aid stops along their beachfront to help keep you and your family safe.
  7. Affordable Accommodations Lodging in the Wildwood is, in most cases, very reasonable, especially compared to other shore towns. And you will find a lot of great lodging choices to pick from.

So, next time you're looking to book a vacation down the jersey shore, why not give The Wildwood a try.

Source: Shelly Hill - Pennsylvania And Beyond Travel Blog

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