Gino's Country Store | Pedricktown, NJ.

Gino's Country Store | Pedricktown, NJ.

Photo: Jim Pappas "The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure"

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Gino's Country StorePhiladelphia, PA - A lovely August Tuesday morning, and I'm far too handsome and eat way too many cheesesteaks to have the emotional highs and lows that I had this morning. I will save you some of the drama and start with me ending up in Swedesboro, NJ.


I was not in the nice downtown Swedesboro near one of my favorite bakeries. I was by the truck stops and industrial parks. Yes, this was the emotional low.

So, I Googled 'pizza near me.' Why did I Google pizza? I Googled pizza because you could be in Fargo North Dakota and if you Google' cheesesteaks near me,' you're going to get Pat's, Geno's, Jim's, and Steve's.

Gino's Country Store came up and was only a couple miles away, with a 4.6 rating. The first review said the cheesesteaks were "Amazing."

I thought this was going to be a perfect day to be the Cheesesteak guy. I thought I found that needle in the haystack. This was an emotional High.

I got to Gino's and could not tell if it was open or not. The sign on the door said they open at 11, it was after 11, so I went inside. It looks like COVID-19 has really hurt their business.

I think all the locals went to Gino's pre-COVID-19 to get their coffee, breakfast sandwich and caught up on the day's events.

The sandwiches in the case looked terrific. The cheesesteak pizza looked amazing. The pastrami pizza also looked tempting.

I ordered the pizza steak. If you look ahead to the pictures, you know what I'm going to say next, It was skinny. However, the sauce and cheese were mixed in and melted wonderfully.

The pizza steak had a good flavor, but it was skinny, and If I find myself in Pedricktown at lunchtime again, I'll be looking at the paninis.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Gino's Country Store, 32 S Railroad Ave, Pedricktown, NJ

I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak AdventureAbout the Author:

"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 600 different cheesesteaks in "Two Years". Call The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let's talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.

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