The Must-Try Cheesesteak in West Chester, PA

The Must-Try Cheesesteak in West Chester, PA

Photo: Jim Pappas

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Where to Find The Best Cheesesteak in West Chester, PALocated in West Chester, PA, "Steaks" is a popular joint that serves a delicious variety of cheesesteaks. One standout among their menu options is their  Cheesesteak. As a fan of mushrooms, I decided to stick with the classic cheesesteak topped with these flavorful fungi. Authentic to its reputation, the shop delivered a satisfying experience that pleased everyone.

Steaks, West Chester, PA.

However, during my visit, I noticed a minor setback. Steaks were facing a temporary issue with their regular roll supplier, which resulted in using a backup roll. While the substitution didn't significantly affect the taste, it did cause a slight deviation from their usual offering.

That being said, the sandwich itself was indeed enjoyable. The highlight was undoubtedly the copious amounts of high-quality meat generously packed into the roll. The cheese was expertly melted and blended, creating a creamy and delightful texture that complemented the savory filling. The grilled onions and mushrooms added an extra layer of flavor, bringing all the elements together in perfect harmony.

Yet, as good as it was, something was missing. The Cheesesteak lacked a "pizazz" that could have elevated it from merely great to phenomenal. A seasoning or a special sauce could have elevated the experience to new heights.

Despite this small critique, Steaks remains a reliable choice for those seeking a solid cheesesteak in West Chester, PA. With its consistent quality and variety of options, it's no wonder it attracts a loyal customer base. So, if you find yourself craving a classic cheesesteak experience in the area, Steaks is well worth a visit.

2024 March Cheesesteak Madness is underway!!  2023 March Cheesesteak Madness Judge’s Champion is Tony of West Reading.  Leo’s Steak Shop is the People’s Champion.  All the videos are on the YouTube channel Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.

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