Best of Cheesesteaks: Pop's Pizzeria in Glen Mills, PA

Best of Cheesesteaks: Pop's Pizzeria in Glen Mills, PA

Best of Cheesesteaks: Pop's Pizzeria in Glen Mills, PA

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Pop's Pizzeria in Glen Mills, PA Philadelphia, PA - The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Pop's Pizzeria in Glen Mills, PA truly lived up to its reputation. Before even taking a bite, I had heard nothing but great things about this place. The word-of-mouth endorsements had piqued my curiosity, but I had reservations given the restaurant's location in the cheesesteak wasteland of Glen Mills. However, all my concerns vanished once I sank my teeth into their famous cheesesteak #1132.

Anticipation mounted as I meticulously perused Google Maps reviews, building up a mental picture of what was to come. Finally, the moment arrived, and I eagerly unwrapped the cheesesteak adorned with fried onions and mushrooms. Despite enduring a lengthy journey in the trunk of my car, the visual presentation of the cheesesteak was nothing short of splendid. Unable to contain my excitement, I couldn't resist snatching a small piece that had adhered to the wrapper. To my amazement, the first taste surpassed all my expectations and left me yearning for more.

What truly set this cheesesteak apart was the meticulous attention to detail showcased in every aspect of its creation. From the high-quality ingredients to the perfectly balanced flavors, each bite was an explosion of taste that stayed with me long after the last morsel had been devoured. Every mouthful seemed to bring a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship encapsulated within each bite.

This exceptional culinary masterpiece solidified Pop's Pizzeria's well-deserved stellar score of 93/100. I wholeheartedly recommend indulging in their delicious cheesesteak if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Glen Mills, PA. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey of flavor and be treated to a cheesesteak experience that will forever change your expectations of this iconic dish.

2024 March Cheesesteak Madness is underway!!  2023 March Cheesesteak Madness Judge’s Champion is Tony’s of West Reading.  Leo’s Steak Shop is the People’s Champion.  All the videos are on YouTube channel, Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. 1,050+ videos of my cheesesteak adventure are on my YouTube channel; Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.  Please subscribe to my channel, like and comment on my videos!  Thank you!

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