Dash In Food Stores | Chesapeake Steak & Cheddar

Dash In Food Stores | Chesapeake Steak & Cheddar

Photo: Jim Pappas "The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure"

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Dash In, Newark, DE.Philadelphia, PA - Dash In, Newark, DE. And its Ringo Starr's Birthday!! I wonder who makes more money in a year; Ringo Starr or John Lennon's estate? Or George Harrison's estate? Poor Ringo.

Dash In, 380 E Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, DE.

I was at a red light on my way to Newark Delaware with a rider considering being in an Octopus's Garden under the Sea.

I looked to my right and saw a sign in front of the Shell gas station, 'craving steak?' I thought to myself, 'I am craving steak.' The sign was promoting Shell's Food Market's, Dash In's Chesapeake Steak, and Cheddar sandwich.

Newark is near Maryland, so I imagined a Maryland crab cake in a cheesesteak (which I like, YouTube search, Philadelphia Cheesesteak adventure at Meding & Son seafood). Still, I thought buying crab cakes at a gas station may not be a great idea.

I was starving, and according to Instagram, my Quick Stop, the article is doing 80% better than my other ones. Hence, getting a "Dash In" Chesapeake Steak & Cheddar sounded like another great story idea.

So, I dropped off my rider and headed back to Dash In. The young woman that greeted me from behind the counter was a joy, was relatively new to the store, but everything was bright and clean.

I am still getting used to this Kiosk ordering. Luckily, the Chesapeake Steak & Cheddar was highlighted. So, with one click, I was able to purchase the Chesapeake Steak and Cheddar Cheesesteak Sandwich.

The Chesapeake Steak & Cheddar

I wish I took a picture of the screen so I would know the ingredients. The Chesapeake in the sandwich is Old Bay seasoning and not crab meat, still not sure if I am happy or sad that it was not real crab meat.

Although the sandwich was delicious. The onions appeared to be sauteed and not fried, which I like. However, the roll dominated the sandwich a touch.

I also ordered a 40 oz soda for $1.49, and the wonderful lady behind the counter told me I could 'make it a meal.' Which comes with either potato wedges or tater tots.

The sandwich its self did not score well as a cheesesteak but top honors for customer service, ease of use, cleanliness, and value.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Dash In, 380 E Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, DE.

I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak AdventureAbout the Author:

"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 600 different cheesesteaks in "Two Years". Call The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let's talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.

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