The Italian Delite | Trappe, PA.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Italian Delite, 734 W Main St, Trappe, PA eating the Cheesesteak Special

Photo: The Italian Delite

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Philadelphia, PAtalian Delite, Trappe, PA - Italian Delite, Trappe, PA. It's the middle of July, and I was on a day of Trappe Cheesesteaks with amigo Dan. And, The Italian Delite is pretty much the reason we're here.

The Sauce at The Italian Delite

The Italian Delite has inside seating, which may or may not be closed due to Covid-19. But, the parking lot had a large party tent as well as several tables that are more patio style with individual umbrellas for outside seating.

We got there, and father and son Giuseppe were busy installing an external speaker system on their day off as sister Rosie was waiting on tables.

I saw someone online raving about their sauce. 'It's all about the sauce' is on the sign, delivery truck, menu, and everyone's shirt. Giuseppe is the creator of the sauce and 'bakes it down' so it is hard to duplicate.

We ordered the Cheesesteak Special since it comes with "The Sause." It also comes with hot & sweet peppers, mushrooms, and fried onions. It's served on a big bready Conshohocken bakery roll.

I am sorry, Giuseppe's, but I was very disappointed when I saw the way the cheese was melted on top of the cheesesteak special.

You obviously care about your place because you are installing outdoor speakers on your day off. You obviously care about your food because you have created a special sauce.

I don't know what you do to get inspiration, hit golf balls, walk in the desert, salt baths or walk on hot rocks but do it and Giuseppify the cheese on the cheesesteak special.

But, where it comes to the cheese on your special cheesesteak, it looks like you just melted a couple of slices of American cheese on top and call it done.

The sauce was terrific, and the big bready Conshy roll was a perfect complement to the sauce. The other extras worked nicely together, and everything blended well. But, please fix the cheese situation.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Italian Delite, 734 W Main St, Trappe, PA

The Italian Delite | Trappe, PA.About the Author:

"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 600 different cheesesteaks in "Two Years". Call The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let's talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.

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