What to Wear to Diner En Blanc

What to Wear to Diner En Blanc

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Dress code for Diner en BlancPhiladelphia, PA - If you are wondering what to wear to Diner en Blanc, you've come to the right place.  Here you will find the Dress code, Table decor, comfortable shoes, and some tips for accessorizing. Whether attending this event on a date or with the whole family, you'll be ready for a great time.

Dress Code For Diner En Blanc

In 1988, Francois Pasquier invited friends over for an elegant dinner outside. He asked them to wear all-white attire. Diner en Blanc is celebrated in over 120 cities and countries, with the most exclusive locations hidden from prying eyes. But what is the Dress Code for Diner en Blanc? First off, you must be in all white. Below are some tips to make the event a success. Regardless of your age, you can dress to impress!

There are many rules for this event, which ensure that everything runs smoothly and that thousands of people have a great time. Make sure to read them all and ask questions of others who have gone. You also need two tickets to attend and must be in pairs, as it is a rain or shine event. Remember that this is a formal event, so you don't want to look sloppy! To dress to impress, consider wearing a silk blouse and a skirt!

Comfortable Shoes

If you plan on walking around in your new white dress for Diner en Blanc, it's best to wear comfortable shoes that fit your style. The all-white attire will give you a sophisticated, fashion-forward look. But don't go overboard and buy a pair of stiletto heels! Wear comfortable shoes that fit your style and won't give you blisters! If you're a first-time guest, you should buy comfortable shoes for walking.

For women, choose comfortable shoes that stand up to the heat and the muddy ground. For men, choose shoes that can withstand a little more activity. Choosing comfortable shoes is crucial, and this rule holds true for both sexes. Ladies should wear flats to the event but have a pair of heels on hand to change into once they arrive at the event. To find the perfect shoes for you, take a look at Pinterest.


If you want to accessorize for Diner en Blanc, here are a few accessories to try. For this white-only dinner, you can wear any hairpiece, face paint, or body art you want. Some participants even go so far as to create DIY flower crowns. Coordinating your accessories with the table leader is a great way to make the night a little more festive and fun.

In general, pure white attire is the best option. Pearls and metallic pieces are exceptions, so experiment with your accessories and keep the overall look classic. Another classic option is linen, which pairs well with pearls. In addition, white textured clothing will stand out in the sea of white ensembles. Add a faux fur jacket or a flowing scarf if the night is cold. For added warmth, a fur coat or scarf will help a look.

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