Glitz, Glamor, and Drugs: The Harsh Reality Affecting The Fashion Industry

Glitz, Glamor, and Drugs: The Harsh Reality Affecting The Fashion Industry

Glitz, Glamor, and Drugs: The Harsh Reality Affecting The Fashion Industry

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Philadelphia, PA The Harsh Reality Affecting The Fashion Industry - The fashion industry is a high-stress, high-pressure kind of environment. You have those who are on display for the world to see. Whether it’s on billboards or the runway, there are those out there trying their best to look their best. Yet the stress that comes with the pressure of being a star in the fashion industry can lead to a downward spiral, with drugs being a part of that. This write-up will discuss drugs and the fashion industry and how it has affected it. If you want more information on how to get help for your drug addiction (or if you know someone that has it), Gallus Detox will be able to help. Click on the link to get it here. Let’s dive right in and talk more about it.

The Pressure Of Being A Fashion Model

Being a model in the fashion industry can get very competitive. You are taking on some of the best-looking people in the world. Plus, the bigger the contract you land, the more money you may stand to make.

However, a model starting out may get paid less. On average, a model will make just close to $33000 a year. Their careers will last approximately five years.

Because of the high-pressure environment, five years seems like a long time. Especially when they are getting paid little for their efforts. Their efforts to be the next big thing in fashion will bring them more pressure and stress.

A day in the life of a model can be a long one. They may spend the whole day doing photo shoots. Plus, they are expected to return the following day for more shoots.

They may be looking at the possibility of going on little sleep, which can decrease their performance and not to mention their overall look. The client would want nothing more than a model looking fresh and well-rested.

For this reason, a model may be pressured to use certain drugs that will help keep them up even through the whole night. Not only that, but some of those drugs can also give them an energy boost throughout the day (such as cocaine).

Keeping Up With The Client’s Demand

Specifically, the client wants a model to look their best. Some will have higher expectations than others. On top of that, there is the pressure to keep up with that.

The client may also pressure the client to lose a few pounds in the fastest way possible. For this reason, they may risk forming eating disorders or taking drugs that may cause rapid weight loss, such as heroin. The fashion industry may be unforgiving when it comes to the demands of a client.

Because a model may be dropped from a photo shoot or a project if they are unable to lose a certain amount of weight. This can also lead to them losing more opportunities because of their inability to lose weight and other factors. This can pile on more stress to the point where a model may need to rely on drugs to cope with that stress and mental anguish of being rejected for not meeting a certain demand.

Your appearance is judged regularly

In the fashion industry, models will appear almost anywhere. This includes magazine covers, centerfolds, billboards, Instagram, and more. While they are put out there, their image and appearance will be under frequent judgment.

Not only will they face positive remarks from those who admire fashion, but they may also face the opposite from critics. How they handle, it will depend on the person. They may be stressed out by the negative and judgemental critics and it can stick with them for a long period of time.

In an effort to make them change their minds, they may go through drastic changes that will help them become better.

Common drugs used in the fashion industry

The following is a list of drugs that are common in the fashion industry. Let’s take a look at what they are:


Cocaine can be injected or smoked, which will give a quicker result. But still, one of the most common ways to induce it is via snorting. When injected or smoked, it can take five to ten minutes before the effects kick in (compared to snorting, which will take nearly triple the time).

Models tend to use cocaine as a way to get an energy boost. On top of that, it also suppresses their appetite.


This drug is an opioid that is known to reduce pain. It can be smoked or sniffed. However, the most popular form is injecting it.

When injected, the brain will release more dopamine than usual compared to activities they do to make them feel good. The brain will not reabsorb the dopamine as normal, making the euphoria last longer. Like cocaine, heroin can also suppress appetite.

It can also reduce anxiety and thus take the pressure off of a model who is preparing for a shoot. It may also make the experience more tolerable if they are shooting using poses for a long period of time or if they are posing nude.


This stimulant is more powerful than any of the others. For this reason, it’s highly abused. That’s because it will lead to a decreased appetite while increasing functionality and activity.

While a derivative of methamphetamines has been used in diet pills, this kind can also provide a similar effect. This means models who are trying to keep off the weight may rely on this drug in particular.

Meth can be smoked and injected, which can give them the effects in the quickest time possible. Snorting is also an option and is believed to lead to effects within five minutes. Either way, it’s a dangerous drug that can lead to death if overdosed.

Final Thoughts

The fashion industry may look glamorous on the outside. But on the inside, there is a dark and sinister side to it. While many fashion models are finding ways to handle the stress and the pressure of the fashion industry, some of them are taking dark turns that can lead to a decline in overall health and well-being.

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The fashion industry may have acknowledged this, but may not have made any changes to how a model should handle their career. Especially if they are dealing with what might be a drug addiction.     

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