How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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Philadelphia, PAHow to Germinate Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing - The benefits of cannabis growing are endless, so it’s not surprising that growing weed at home has become such a popular habit. Having constant access to fresh yield all year round is what people value the most when setting up their indoor gardens. However, it is easy to get discouraged by the seeming complexity of the growing rules and recommendations. Germinating seeds is one of the tasks that novice cannabis fans may dread the most, but it’s actually one of the simplest steps on the path to growing marijuana. In this blog, we share the best and simple-to-follow tips on how to do it with minimum effort. 

Seeds for Indoor Growing: How to Pick the Best Ones 

Years of careful selection and testing helped create healthy cannabis seeds with a 99% germination rate. Finding such seeds is no longer a problem with contemporary seed banks that offer a great selection of products suiting every taste and pocket. You can find seeds of all kinds, such as:

If you want to discover other available options, visit this page Here, you can find marijuana seeds with diverse properties for all growing skill levels.

Choosing the Germination Method 

The most challenging and confusing part for every novice grower is to choose how to germinate the seeds. All methods listed below work as long as you follow the tips and show some patience. 

Paper Towel Method 

Arguably the most popular germination method, the paper towel method is a quick and easy way of ‘awakening’ your seeds. Place a moist piece of kitchen paper towel on a plate. Then, place your seeds evenly across the surface, leaving enough space between them (a couple of centimeters is enough). Take another wet piece of towel and cover your seeds. Place another plate above and store the seeds in a dry, cool place. To increase the success rate, consider the following:

  • Use distilled water to soak the paper towels;
  • Check on the seeds occasionally to ensure the towels remain wet; 
  • Do not allow direct sunlight to reach the plates;
  • Try not to move the seeds when you check on them;
  • Use the cheapest, non-porous paper towels.

To modify, you can use a plastic container with a lid instead of two plates. However, you must open it often to ensure the seeds get enough air. Seeds germinated using this method sprout in one to three days, depending on the type of seed and environmental conditions. 

Glass of Water Method

If you prefer straightforward methods, you will definitely enjoy this one. To germinate seeds in water, follow these steps:

  • Fill the glass with warm distilled water (around 71° Fahrenheit);
  • Place your seeds in the glass (no more than four seeds per glass);
  • Let them soak in the water until the coating cracks;
  • Voila! You can now plant the sprouted seeds in the growing medium. 

This method allows you to germinate your seeds very quickly, often within 24 hours. However, older seeds may take more time to sprout.

Cup of Water

Rockwool Blocks Method

This method is similar to the classic paper towel method, but instead of towels, you use rockwool. This medium soaks water effectively, returning it to the seeds you place inside. As a result, you only need to soak the rockwool in water once and leave the seeds until they are germinated. Place rockwool in a plastic container with a lid and store it in a dry, cool place. Germination occurs in one to two days. 

Germination in Soil 

The main drawback of the methods listed above is that they all expose the sprouted seeds to shock when they are moved from the germination site to the growing medium. Germinated seeds are delicate, so you must be careful when handling them. To avoid unintended harm, you can benefit from the soil germination method. It can be performed using the following media:

  • Germination station;
  • A plastic pot filled with soil;
  • Breathable seedling pots made of paper;
  • Dissolvable peat pots.

A germination station is one of the most advanced media for marijuana seed germination. It consists of a tray filled with soil and a heating pad underneath that keeps seeds warm. Germinating seeds is very easy with this medium – simply place them in moist soil and cover them with a lid. Warmth and darkness will make seeds sprout in no time. 

Any pot will do if you are not ready to spring for the germination station. Fill it in fill high-quality soil and place your seeds two centimeters deep. Cover them with soil and keep the medium moist all the time. When the seeds sprout, transplant them to the large growing medium.

Using Jiffys

Jiffys are peat cubes that expand when wet. These are a great medium for keeping cannabis seeds moist and warm without the risk of traumatizing them. Here’s how to use them for germination:

  • Place them in a plastic container;
  • Hydrate the jiffies with distilled water with pH 6.2-6.5;
  • Once the jiffies expand, squeeze the excess water;
  • Make a small hole in each of them and place your seeds inside;
  • Store jiffies in a warm environment (no more than 71° Fahrenheit);
  • Spray jiffies with water to seek medium moist.

The main limitation of this method is that you don’t see whether the seeds are sprouted until they pop out of the soil. So, if patience is not your strong suit, use methods that allow tracking progress more effectively. Jiffys are also less airy than the soil, so avoid excess humidity that may harm the precious seeds. 

It is important to warn you against germinating your seeds directly in the flowerpot where you intend to grow them. Seeds are very gentle, so the lack of air and potential pathogens may result in a low germination rate. Seed banks do not recommend using this method and do not extend their quality guarantees to seeds germinated this way. Besides, it’s hard to know whether your seeds sprouted when they are covered by soil, so you may lose time waiting for them to pop up.

Growing Seeds

Creating Perfect Germination Conditions 

No matter what germination method you use, creating the perfect environmental conditions for your seeds is a must. There are several key areas to consider:

  • Temperature: 22° and 25°C (71–77°F);
  • Relative humidity: 70% and 90%;
  • Darkness: keep your seeds away from sunlight;
  • Soil (for soil-based germination methods) should preferably be purchased in specialized shops to contain all necessary minerals.

As much as plants love the sun and warmth, ensure your seeds are stored in a cooler, darker place before they germinate and can be exposed to direct sunlight or LED light. 

Summing Up 

Seed germination is the easiest part of indoor cannabis growing, which takes a bit of patience and care. You can choose from a variety of germination methods and experiment with them to find the one working for you. Whether it’s a cheap paper towel method, a straightforward glass of water method, or more expensive germination in soil, you will likely achieve the desired outcomes in a few days. 

This blog was written by Denys Svirepchuk, one of AskGrowers’ best cannabis experts. Denys knows all ins and outs of marijuana growing, its characteristics, and its effects. He is a dedicated writer aimed at raising awareness about the wonderful properties of this plant. He aims to educate the marijuana community on how to grow and consume cannabis safely and responsibly. 

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