What is the Most Popular Thanksgiving Day Pie

What is the Most Popular Thanksgiving Day Pie

What is the Most Popular Thanksgiving Day Pie

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Thanksgiving PiePhiladelphia, PA - While everyone loves a good pie on Thanksgiving, many of us question what's the most popular Thanksgiving pie. There are a few answers to this question. Pecan pie and cherry pies are always a top pick, but what is the most popular? How about pumpkin pie? What about chocolate? And why do people choose pecan pie over apple pie? And what about lemon meringue pie?

Thanksgiving Day Pie Favorites

In the United States, pumpkin pie is the most popular Thanksgiving pie. But it depends on which state you're in, such as Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia, which have their favorites, including pecan and strawberry pies. While most southern states prefer pumpkin pie, other regions such as the Northeast enjoy a classic apple pie.

So, what is the most popular Thanksgiving Day Pie? The answer, as you can imagine, depends on the region and who you ask. There are many types of pie, and different states have different favorite types.

The most common pie in the United States is pumpkin pie, but cranberry and pecan pies are also popular.  In some southern regions, the most popular pie is the sweet potato pie.

So what every type of pie you choose, remember that no Thanksgiving gathering is not complete until you serve up some Thanksgiving Day, Pie.

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