Guide to Shipping Your Car to Philly

Guide to Shipping Your Car to Philly

Guide to Shipping Your Car to Philly

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - If you’re planning on moving to Philadelphia, one of the things you might be worried about is how to bring your car with you to the city. Shipping is one way to transport your vehicle. It’s more convenient than driving the car yourself, especially if you’re coming from hundreds of miles away.

Shipping Your Car to Philadelphia

The cost of auto shipping is worth the convenience, safety, and security that it provides. Here are some things you need to consider when shipping your car to another city like Philly.

Choose Between Transport Brokers and Auto Carriers

You may encounter transport brokers and auto carriers when looking for a service provider. Make sure that you know how to distinguish between the two types of companies.

Auto carriers or auto transporters are companies that take charge of moving your car from one place to another. They are responsible for your car, from loading it for transport to unloading it upon reaching its destination. These companies are experts in handling vehicles and taking the most efficient routes to transport them.

Meanwhile, transport brokers may not ship the cars themselves, but they help customers find a carrier that suits their needs fast. You don’t need to approach multiple carriers yourself. These brokers have established a relationship with different auto carriers and can contact them directly.

They can do the calculations and give you a single quote that matches your needs and budget. 

Take note that many auto carriers in the U.S. don’t deal directly with clients and prefer to go through brokers to get customers.

Compare Enclosed vs. Open Transport

Car shipping firms offer two types of transport services; enclosed and open transport. 

Open transport refers to a service where an open truck carries your car along with 10 or more vehicles. Both sides of the truck are open, so the cars are exposed to the elements.

Meanwhile, enclosed transport uses an enclosed trailer that usually carries only a few other vehicles. Since the truck is completely enclosed, your car is safe from outside elements. 

Enclosed transport is advisable for luxury cars, custom vehicles, or antiques. Those with low ground clearance are also better off shipping enclosed. It is considered safer and more secure but is usually 40% more expensive than open transport.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get multiple quotes from different companies once you’ve decided whether to use a broker or a carrier and have chosen between enclosed or open transport. It is smart to compare offerings to ensure that you’re getting the best deal available out there. Whether you decide to look for auto carriers directly or use a broker, you can do this.

Only Transact With Licensed Companies

Ideally, you would want to get the lowest rates you can from an auto shipping company. However, only deal with reputable companies with proper licenses to avoid issues.

Check if the auto broker or carrier of your choice has a license with the Department of Transport’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can use the FMCSA website to validate the company’s registration. Also, make sure that the company is properly insured.

Reading third-party reviews, like these Sherpa Auto Transport reviews can help give you unbiased opinions on different companies and what their real reputations are.. You can also read different customer reviews.

Ask Movers About a Vehicle Add-On

If you already have a company to ship your other belongings for the move, you might want to ask if they also have a car shipping service. That way, you’ll talk to a single company for the entire moving process instead of coordinating with multiple service providers.

Evaluate whether the additional cost is worth the convenience it brings. Be warned that most moving companies will charge higher rates for car shipping than auto carriers.

Make a Pre-Shipment Checklist

After choosing your car shipping provider, be sure to get a checklist of everything you need to prepare before shipping.

Usually, shipping companies ask car owners to remove all personal belongings inside the vehicle, check fluid levels, and remove toll tags. You may also want to take pictures of your car before the shipment and after it arrives in Philadelphia. Having proper documentation is crucial if any issue arises.

Doing these pre-shipment preparations will save you from last-minute headaches.

Take Note of the Shipping Schedule

Vehicle shipments may take days or even a week, depending on how far the city is from the drop-off point. The auto carrier’s delivery schedule and your agreement may also affect this.

It’s best to clarify with the company when your vehicle will arrive in Philly so you can make the necessary arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Moving to Philly could be nerve-racking, especially if you’re coming from across the country. Crossing out car shipping from your list of worries can help lessen your burden. So, start your search for a reliable auto shipping provider as soon as you know about your relocation to the City of Brotherly Love.

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