Most Haunted Places in Philadelphia

Most Haunted Places in Philadelphia

Most Haunted Places in Philadelphia

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Haunted Places PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - In Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia has a rich history and many haunted spots.  The city's many haunted buildings have old, haunting architecture that leads to ghost sightings. Some of the oldest buildings in the city are particularly haunted, including Eastern State Penitentiary. This article mentions the Betsy Ross House, Laurel Hill Cemetery, and Fort Mifflin. Read on to learn more.

Eastern State Penitentiary

The ghosts of this former prison haunt Eastern State Penitentiary, which is now a national landmark museum that interprets the legacy of the American criminal justice system. But this haunted building is more than just an abandoned ruin. The staff is upbeat and hopeful despite the history of the place. Hannah Chinn worked part-time as an actor in Terror Behind the Walls, an award-winning haunted house that has captivated visitors for over a decade.

A visit to this prison has its unique repercussions. It was once the world's first real prison and housed thousands of inmates over its 140-year history. Today, the haunted prison is a well-preserved ruin in Fairmount, where ghosts and spirits live on. Visit the haunted prison for a thrilling Halloween experience.

Laurel Hill Cemetery

If you're searching for the most haunted places in Philadelphia, you're in for a treat. Philadelphia is the oldest city in the country and is home to many renowned ghost stories. From old mansions where ex-wives cried foul to historic cemeteries where fallen soldiers were buried, Philadelphia has more than a few places to explore. You'll find unmistakable cries at night and even furniture that moves independently.

The cemetery is home to the graves of some of the city's most prominent people. A mausoleum for a wealthy landowner, such as George W. Childs, is lined with the remains of new money industrialists and financiers. His family plot was next door to another one, the Logan Burial Ground, and he was the joint owner of the Public Ledger. Drexel and Childs later developed a suburban community, Wayne on the Main Line, where they buried each other.

Fort Mifflin

The fort on the Delaware River is renowned for being haunted and is a popular destination for ghost hunters. Visitors may hear eerie noises, smell strange aromas, and feel phantom hands. Perhaps the most well-known ghost at Fort Mifflin is the Faceless Man. It is also the site of several police reports concerning female screams.

Located in the heart of the Old City, the Alexander Hamilton Federal Building is filled with ghostly ghosts. Founder of the Old City Bank, Hamilton's ghost is said to roam the halls of the historic bank. These bizarre stories make Fort Mifflin one of the most haunted places in Philadelphia. Fort Mifflin was a major Revolutionary War battle, and only 400 brave men held off British troops long enough for George Washington to reach Valley Forge.

Betsy Ross House

While many haunted houses in Philadelphia, Betsy Ross House is one of the most notorious. It was the home of the seamstress who designed our country's flag and was once a security guard. The house is haunted by the ghost of a security guard who was shot in the 1980s and left to die on the stairs. Visitors have reported other ghostly sightings. A SyFy channel show called Ghost Hunters investigated the house in its fifth season, but no one can say whether the haunted house is real or not.

While visiting Philadelphia, be sure to take a ghost tour. Tours take you through the city's most haunted places, including Independence Hall, St. Peter's Cemetery, and the Betsy Ross House. Betsy Ross House is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young bride, while the Old City Tavern has a waiter who pulls the hair of the guests. In addition, the First Bank of the United States is said to be haunted by Alexander Hamilton. If you aren't afraid of ghosts, this city is not for you.


This stone colonial building in Philadelphia has a fearsome reputation for being haunted. It's also a National Historic Landmark. It's also home to the ghost of General Agnew, who died there in 1819. His ghost has been spotted in various places around the house. Other hauntings include apparitions of young children and a young man.

The Grumblethorpe was once the headquarters of a British General during the Battle of Germantown. It was built by a German family named Wister. During the battle, General James Agnew chose the Grumblethorpe as his headquarters. His blood is still visible in the front parlor. Guests can tour the haunted building with the company of a witch. On a special evening, you can join a group tour to hear ghost stories from other places in Germantown.

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