Achieve Your New Year's Resolution | 3 Steps to Losing Weight

3 Steps to Losing Weight

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Philadelphia, PA - The first step is to figure out your basal metabolic rate; this is the number of calories your body burns just for existing. Pumping blood, breathing, blinking, and everything else your body does requires calories to be burned. The number of calories burned by natural processes is around 2000 calories for an average adult male. Still, it varies depending on your body size, gender, and age. So how can you find how many calories your body burns naturally?


3 Steps to Losing Weight on Autopilot

For that, you should find a calorie needs calculator. You can get one by searching 'Calorie Needs Calculator' on Google. Most of the online ones are free to use, and they all have the same options because they run on the same principle. That is why it does not matter which online calorie needs calculator you have selected.

Once you find a calorie needs calculator, enter your age, enter your gender, and height. There will be various options for 'levels of activity.' Set that field to 'no exercise' because you are trying to figure out how many calories you burn without exercising. Let the calculator figure out how many calories you naturally burn.

The second step is to eat fewer calories than the number of calories you naturally burn. And here's how you can simplify that. Even though millions of food items are out there, most people generally eat the same foods repeatedly. They have certain regular foods that they like.

So what you have to do is make a list of those food items, it could be 200, it could be 50, it could be five. The point is that you list out every snack, every food item, and every dish you like to have. This list can go from chocolates and crisps to butter chicken and steak.

Once you have figured out these food items and listed them down on a Word document or an Excel sheet or a diary, you have to Google the number of calories in each food item. If it is a salad, Google: 'number of calories in a garden salad.' If it's steak, Google 'calories in a steak.'

This step gives you your calorie chart for the food items you love, so you don't have to eat eccentric foods or hard to obtain meals. You can keep eating the foods that you regularly eat. Still, you will be doing some portion control, and you'll be reducing calories. What you end up having should be less than the number of calories you naturally burn; that is the idea.

You can eat 100 calories less than what you naturally burn; you can eat 200 calories less than what you burn, and you can even eat 900 calories less than you burn. So you might be wondering how many calories less is healthy? You can consult your doctor regarding this, but generally speaking, it is safe to cut 200 to 400 calories. If you try to cut too many calories too quickly, that is not healthy for your body.

Ultimately the value of any weight-loss plan is its sustainability. By figuring out the calorie threshold to eat within and creating a calorie-chart out of the food you love, you set yourself up for success by creating a plan that you can stick to long-term.

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