Taco Bell Shakes Up Daytime with New Cantina Chicken Menu

Taco Bell Shakes Up Daytime with New Cantina Chicken Menu

Taco Bell Shakes Up Daytime with New Cantina Chicken Menu

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Taco Bell Shakes Up Daytime with New Cantina Chicken MenuPhiladelphia, PA—Taco Bell is known for its late-night cravings cure, but it's challenging that perception with the launch of its brand new Cantina Chicken Menu. Available nationwide on March 21st, this menu boasts five fresh items perfect for satisfying lunchtime hunger pangs. Taco Bell Rewards members get early access to two of these delicious options starting today!

A Fiesta of Flavor and Freshness

The Cantina Chicken Menu elevates the Taco Bell experience with premium ingredients. The show's star is the all-new slow-roasted chicken seasoned with a mouthwatering blend of Mexican spices, garlic, onions, and chilies. This flavorful chicken is paired with exciting ingredients like freshly prepared pico de gallo, vibrant shredded purple cabbage, and white corn tortilla shells fried daily in-store.

But wait, there's more! To complete the flavor fiesta, each Cantina Chicken dish comes with a packet of the new Avocado Verde Salsa, a specially created condiment featuring tomatillos, green chili peppers, and natural avocado pulp. This salsa perfectly complements the slow-roasted chicken and other fresh ingredients.

"We poured our hearts into developing the Cantina Chicken Menu," says Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer Liz Matthews. We wanted to create the perfect slow-roasted chicken recipe and find the best supporting ingredients to make it genuinely crave-worthy. We listened to our customers and knew they wanted more chicken options, but with a surprising twist. That's why we incorporated unexpected ingredients like purple cabbage and the avocado verde salsa."

Early Access for Taco Bell Rewards Members

Taco Bell rewards their loyal fans with early access to the Cantina Chicken Menu sneak peek. Starting today, March 14th, Rewards members can get their hands on two of the menu's stars:

  • Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco ($2.99): This taco features the new slow-roasted chicken, creamy jalapeño sauce, and a decadent 3-cheese blend. The outside of the shell is generously coated with a layer of grilled cheese, creating a delightful textural contrast. It's finished off with a vibrant touch of Avocado Verde Salsa.
  • Cantina Chicken Quesadilla ($6.49): This quesadilla takes slow-roasted chicken and envelops it in a warm flour tortilla with a rich 3-cheese blend and creamy chipotle sauce. The quesadilla is then crisped to perfection with grilled cheese on the outside and served with guacamole and reduced-fat sour cream for dipping, along with a packet of avocado verde salsa.

Jason Sudeikis Debunks the Late-Night Myth

Taco Bell has enlisted the help of actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis to further challenge their late-night reputation. In a new ad campaign launching March 21st, Sudeikis highlights how the Cantina Chicken Menu goes beyond late-night cravings and provides satisfying options for lunchtime. It's Taco Bell but for a whole new time of day.

More Chicken on the Horizon

Chicken innovation is a top priority at Taco Bell in 2024. They're focusing on various chicken options, from the delectable fried chicken in the Cheesy Chicken Crispanada (launched last month) to the slow-roasted goodness of the Cantina Chicken Menu. And that's not all! Later this year, fans can expect even more chicken creations to hit national menus, including Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

Stay in the Know with Taco Bell Rewards

There's more excitement about the Cantina Chicken Menu to come, and Taco Bell Rewards members won't want to miss out. Fans can access exclusive events, in-app rewards, and even special merchandise by joining the program.

As a bonus for existing members (as of February 9th, 2024), a free Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco will be added to their accounts on March 21st. Anyone joining Taco Bell Rewards after that date can choose the Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco as their free welcome reward.

This March 21st, ditch the late-night stereotype and experience Taco Bell in a new light with the flavorful and fresh Cantina Chicken Menu!

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