The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure: Launches World’s First Interactive Guide

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure

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 Philadelphia Cheesesteak GuidePhiladelphia, PA - The World's 1st interactive Philadelphia Cheesesteak Guide is an exciting addition to the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure's redesigned website, set to launch on December 13th. This innovative guide aims to provide cheesesteak enthusiasts with a comprehensive and interactive experience in their search for the perfect cheesesteak.

With this new guide, users will have various ways to search for their next cheesesteak adventure. One option is to access the entire 36-column spreadsheet of Jim Pappas, the creator, in its raw form. This allows users to delve into the extensive database of cheesesteak establishments easily. Alternatively, users can use the search function, which allows them to filter results by name, location, amenities, and score. This feature lets users prioritize what is most important to them in their cheesesteak experience.

Furthermore, the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Guide offers a map view feature. This allows users to visually explore the city and see all the reviewed cheesesteak establishments "pinned" on the map. The map displays the total score for each cheesesteak, giving users a quick overview of the best-rated options in each area.

Once users find a potential cheesesteak spot, the search results provide detailed information to aid in decision-making. This includes a YouTube video where users can get a visual taste of the cheesesteak, a full review highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and notes and scores for each of the 5 categories in Jim's scoring system. This comprehensive information ensures that users have all the necessary details to make an informed choice.

Besides the interactive guide, the website also features other sections that enhance the cheesesteak experience. The Home page introduces users to Jim's cheesesteak adventure and provides insights into cheesesteak differences. The Cheesey Life store offers apparel for those who proudly embrace the cheesesteak lifestyle, allowing fans to showcase their love for this iconic dish. The About section delves into Jim's personal story, showing his passion for cheesesteaks. Lastly, the Contact section allows visitors to ask questions or provide feedback, fostering a sense of community among cheesesteak enthusiasts.

To celebrate the launch of this interactive guide, Jim is offering a 10% discount on all orders from The Cheesey Life Store until December 31st 2017.

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