Where to Find The Godfather of Hot Chocolate in Philly

Where to Find The Godfather of Hot Chocolate in Philly

Belle Grace & Rene Kobeitri of Rim Cafe / Photo: MyPhillyAlive.com

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Where to Find The Godfather of Hot Chocolate in PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - Nestled in the vibrant Italian Market section of Philadelphia, Rim Café beckons as a charming haven for aficionados of delectable treats. This hidden gem, founded by the celebrated Frenchman René Kobeitri, who is revered as the Godfather of hot chocolate, invites guests on a sensory journey inspired by the enchanting ambiance of the French Riviera and the cherished traditions of Italian cafes.

At Rim Café, the indulgence reaches new heights with an impressive array of delights to satisfy every craving. With an extensive selection of over 12 delightful flavors of hot chocolate drinks, meticulously crafted coffee and espresso beverages brewed from carefully sourced beans from around the globe, an assortment of tantalizing chocolates, imported cannolis bursting with creamy fillings, and homemade gelatos that rival the finest Italian artisans, this paradise of decadence entices and enchants.

Beyond the exquisite menu, Rim Café offers a mesmerizing experience as your hot chocolate drink takes shape. Witness the magic unfold as a delicate glass mug elegantly spins on a lazy Susan, while an opulent stream of velvety steamed milk gracefully cascades over a meticulously selected block of luscious chocolate, fashioning a captivating tableau that will leave you in awe. Every aspect of Rim Café embodies René Kobeitri's philosophy of "Make It Happen," as he strives to curate a truly unparalleled and unique adventure for every guest.

To further elevate their repertoire, Rim Café has now introduced their tantalizing homemade gelatos, showcasing an assortment of heavenly flavors, including the fruity delights of strawberry, pineapple, and raspberry, the irresistible nuttiness of pistachio, and the delicate allure of blueberry. And let's not forget their signature creation, the Philly Special, a tantalizing gelato experience that is as unforgettable as the city itself.

Situated at the captivating corner of 9th and Federal Streets, Rim Café beckons as an essential destination for anyone seeking to indulge in the finest selections of hot chocolate, espresso, coffee, cannolis, gelatos, and more that Philadelphia has to offer. Prepare to surrender to the sublime pleasure that awaits amidst the charming ambiance of this remarkable establishment.

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