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Philadelphia, PAMy Favorite Desserts - As another year of eating cheesesteaks is in the books. I ended 2020 with 750 different cheesesteaks eaten since beginning the Philadelphia Cheesesteaks Adventure in May 2018. I have eaten many great cheesesteaks and met a lot of beautiful people.


Favorite Desserts Eaten While On The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure

But Desserts have left unerasable memories on my brain!   This year, instead of boring you with another 'my favorite cheesesteaks' list, I will give you 'My Favorite Desserts' list.

My Favorite Desserts list is filler, much like the cannoli cream at Zio's, until we kick off; 2nd Annual March Cheesesteak Madness!! 2nd annual March Cheesesteak Madness is right around the corner. We have made some exciting changes this year! Stay tuned.

Without further ado; My Favorite Desserts. All Desserts are winners, so there is no ranking, but I did save the one dessert that I would do bad things for till last.

Butter Cake

Scalessa's "My Way" Old School Italian Kitchen - Butter Cake was a treat we would get down the shore when I was younger. My Dad would get mad because we would eat the middle of the cake and leave the crust. Donnie's crust at Scalessa's is better. He works great with the cream filling. 1836 N Lincoln St Wilmington, DE

Banana Pudding

Mike's BBQ - Get a visual of banana pudding in your brain, and that is what you get at Mike's BBQ. No wondering if you got vanilla instead of banana. Plenty of banana flavor in this creamy pudding puddle of awesomeness. 1703 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA

Fried Dough Ball filled w/Cannoli Cream

Zio's Brick Oven Pizza - When I started the Adventure, I followed the rules I made very closely. Especially 'never go to a place twice.' I broke that rule for Zio's and went 3 times in a short amount of time. My description would not be good enough for this Fried Dough filled w/Cannoli Cream Super-Dee-Duper-Wonder-FulNess. 111 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA

Deep-Fried Banana Cheesecake

Frank's Steaks & Burgers - If you follow me, you know I am from the suburbs, and going to places like Mayfair makes me uncomfortable. On my goodness, this was heaven on earth, and I didn't care where I was. Plus, several policemen stopping to eat at Frank's had a calming effect. This Banana Cheesecake is more filling wrapping in a pastry than Banana Cheesecake's piece dropped in a deep fryer. 7161 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA

Fried Red Velvet Cake w/side of Ice Cream

Water's Edge Gastropub and Lounge - Talk about taking your breath away. Suppose I was in a burning building with my kids and a serving of Fried Red Velvet Cake w/side of Ice Cream. In that case, I'm not saying my kids wouldn't get out, but I am confident the Fried Red Velvet Cake w/side of Ice Cream would survive, and the Ice Cream would not melt. 1067 Totem Rd Bensalem, PA

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Ryan's Country Store - I apologize in advance for where this will go. Still, everything you can do with a creamy bready substance, I would do with this Pumpkin Bread Pudding. They serve the Pumpkin Bread Pudding with a verbal disclaimer that they are NOT responsible for you becoming addicted to it. 417 Marianville Rd Aston, PA

Chocolate Pretzel

Italian Peoples Bakery - This is NOT a chocolate-covered pretzel. This is your kid's being born, job promotion, first kiss, sunrise, first car type of night. Fantastic chocolate and pastry mixed together and rolled into the shape of a pretzel and more chocolate on top. If you wonder if it was worth the trip to Levittown to get a cheesesteak from Curly's. This is especially true if you stop in Italian Peoples Bakery in the same strip mall to get the Chocolate Pretzel. 1142 Woodbourne Rd Levittown, PA

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Jim PappasThe Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure -   Hi, my name is Jim Pappas, and I have eaten hundreds of different cheesesteaks in the last year. A year ago, on May 16, 2018, I started my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure to find the ultimate cheesesteak. To see more great cheesesteak places, check out my website at The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.

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