Gorilla Power Fuel Bars Find What Fuels You

Gorilla Power Fuel Bars Find What Fuels You

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Philadelphia, PAGorilla Power Bars - Established in 2017, The duo created gorilla Power for a powerful purpose to change the narrative of healthy eating and wellness in urban communities throughout the world.

 Philadelphia Based Gorilla Power Bars

Gorilla Power BarsGorilla Power was founded by Temple University alumni Leroy Mapp and Rian Watkins, originally from the greater Baltimore region. The two connected to create Gorilla Power Bars are based on a common goal of health beyond the junk ingredients popularized in diet culture.

Together they developed the recipe for their fuel bars to benefit the body, improve energy, and taste good. The duo further refined their formula in collaboration with the help of Drexel's Food Lab program.

Gorilla Power focuses on the seven principles of wellness:

  1. Intellectual: Expand your mind
  2. Physical: Move your body
  3. Spiritual: Feel faith in something greater
  4. Social: Connections fuel us
  5. Occupational: Fill your work with joy
  6. Emotional: Peace within yourself
  7. Environmental: Treat our communities as an extension of us

The plant-based vegan protein bars align these seven principles with a mission to promote a balanced existence. Challenging the expectation that plant-based products have to be expensive or have a bland taste.

Gorilla Power FoundersLeroy Mapp and Rian Watkins"Maintaining a vegan recipe was essential, as well as making quality ingredients accessible. Health doesn't have to be expensive or out of reach. We can be who we are, express ourselves, and become our best without the diet culture and toxic positivity often seen in our space. We deserve to treat ourselves well, both physically and in all other areas of life. That is why our seven focuses are always in mind in creating our products and spreading our message." - Leroy Mapp and Rian Watkins

Gorilla Power also strives to be a catalyst for the environment by empowering individuals to be healthy, balanced, and proactive in their day-to-day. You'll see themes from the above seven principles throughout their product line. Without a mission, where would all-powerful brands be?

About Gorilla Power Fuel Bars

Their fuel bars are unlike any other protein bar you've tried. They currently come in two flavors, chocolate chunk and peanut butter crisp, and are available online in packs of 6 or 12. Each bar is 100% plant-based, 100% GMO-free, and delicious.

Gorilla Power BarsGorilla Power Bars - Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter Crisp

Each wellness bar is designed to help maintain energy and stay focused during workouts and daily life. Made to fit your life, these conveniently sized bars are not filled with excessive chemicals to increase shelf life. More importantly, there are no added ingredients that could harm your body for the sake of product storage.

Gorilla Power's Music, Events, and Fashion Line

For Gorilla Power's Founders, music has always been a driving force in the company's culture. This lead to two EPs, New Ghetto and For the Life, and their latest music video, Life We Chose, is available now.

Also, as part of the companies commitment to physical and emotional health, they host outdoor fitness events. Events range from outdoor workouts, yoga & meditation sessions, virtual training & wellness checks, with much more to come!

And if that's not enough. The brand also had its own creative and well-designed merchandise line that aligns with the founder's values of empowerment and dedication to being one's best self.

Shop Gorilla Power fuel bars for yourself and learn more about the brand on Instagram @gorillapwr

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