MeatheadZ Cheesesteaks: A Hidden Gem in New Jersey

MeatheadZ Cheesesteaks: A Hidden Gem in New Jersey


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MeatheadZ Cheesesteaks: A Hidden Gem in New JerseyPhiladelphia, PA - MeatheadZ Cheesesteaks is a hidden gem tucked away just north of Trenton. This family-owned restaurant, meticulously managed by the brothers Joe and Jeff Weintraub, is a culinary paradise inspired by their frequent trips to South Philadelphia and their father's deep love for cooking. Capturing the essence of Philadelphia's famed cheesesteak culture, MeatheadZ brings the soulful flavors of the city to the heart of New Jersey through its delectable sandwiches.

New Jersey's Best Cheesesteaks at MeatheadZ

While MeatheadZ has undoubtedly gained its reputation for its exceptional cheesesteaks, its menu extends far beyond this celebrated sandwich. Savoring one bite of their mouthwatering burgers, tantalizing wings, or heartburn-worthy chili will transport your taste buds to food paradise. To accompany these savory delights, MeatheadZ offers various shakes that add the perfect touch to any sandwich.

At MeatheadZ, the cheesesteak is an art form. Carefully crafted with 100% Ribeye, each slice is meticulously cut to perfection and served on a top-of-the-line Amoroso roll. The meat is expertly chopped, ensuring that every bite bursts with unparalleled flavor and tenderness that melts in your mouth, creating a truly heavenly experience.

For cheese enthusiasts, MeatheadZ offers a delightful array of cheese options to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Their rich and creamy house-made version of Cheese Whiz is an absolute standout. The onions, perfectly cooked and caramelized to perfection, provide a flavor that elevates these already mouthwatering sandwiches. Optional green peppers are available for those seeking an extra kick to add a zing touch to your masterpiece.

MeatheadZ stands as a true testament to the values Joseph and Jeff learned from their adventures in Philadelphia and the love for good food instilled in them by their father. Ranks among the top 10 cheesesteak locations, this local favorite in Hamilton, New Jersey, is an absolute must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic cheesesteak experience.

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