9 Tips For Enjoying Your Whiskey Like A Pro

9 Tips For Enjoying Your Whiskey Like A Pro

9 Tips For Enjoying Your Whiskey Like A Pro

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Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia, PA - Whiskey is possibly one of the most enjoyed drinks worldwide, with many finding the taste to be something they savor. Although the taste is not for everyone, it’s something to get used to when done right. Drinking whiskey like a pro could be easier than a person may think, especially when following the tips below:

9 Tips To Enjoying Your Whiskey

1. Don't Overfill The Glass

One of the most important aspects of drinking whiskey is its fragrance and flavor. There must be enough room in the glass for the person to enjoy the color. Follow the Bespoke Unit’s whisky series for additional information on how perceptions play into the taste of whisky, especially when all of the senses are required to produce the experience.

2. Try Drinking It Neat

When it comes to whiskey, there are several varieties to test before settling on your favorite. Try drinking it neat that is, without anything else, including ice, to thoroughly savor the flavor of each sip. Experiment with various alternatives like adding sours, diluting it with water, or drinking it on the rocks to find what suits your taste and preference.

3. Swirl The Drink Before Sipping

Whiskey is usually served in a shorter glass so the drinker can get a nose full of the beautiful aromas from the drink. Swirl the drink before taking a sip to release more differentiating notes. The swirling whiskey's motion makes the drink's flavor molecules release their zest.

4. Add Water Or Ice

For some, the sharp and harsh alcohol taste of whiskey is something to get used to before they can admit to liking the drink. Adding a few drops of water or one ice block to the glass could break the harshness until the person can handle the taste. The water will dilute the sharp flavors so the drinker can appreciate it more.

5. Roll It In The Mouth

Each area of the tongue is covered with small tastebuds that sense a different flavor. The tip of the tongue is sweet, the sides are sour, and the back of the throat is bitter. With so many flavors in one blend of whiskey, it is best to move it around in the mouth to receive all the notes.

Whiskey and other alcoholic spirits go through fermentation and maturing processes in barrels at the distillery. The technique infuses the whiskey with various flavors and rolling it around on the tongue guarantees that the user experiences tasting them all.

6. Cleanse The Palate Between Sips

If the individual tasting the whiskey does not cleanse their palate between flavors, it may be not easy to distinguish between them. Between sips of whiskey, take little sips of water and roll them around on your tongue before swallowing. Water is the most excellent option because it is neutral and does not include anything that will alter the subsequent sips of whiskey.

7. Inhale Through The Nose

Inhale slowly through the nose instead of the lips while releasing small amounts of whiskey. The nose contributes to the appreciation of the whiskey's taste because of the smell receptors. A delicate area of the body may perceive the whisky's most pleasant aromas.

8. Attend A Whiskey Tasting

Scout around online or local advertising for any venues hosting whiskey tastings. These events are great for beginners and connoisseurs as everyone can try different brands, flavors, and types of whiskey without spending money buying a whole bottle.

9. Ask For Recommendations

Recommendations differ from one individual to the next, and not everyone will enjoy all whiskey brands. Nonetheless, it would provide helpful information regarding whether it is the correct one for you. Inquire about the whiskeys you've tried with friends, relatives, or neighborhood bartenders. Let them discuss what they liked about the brand and what they didn't.

Calling Last Rounds

It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to appreciate a good swig of whiskey, and following these tips mentioned above makes it even easier. The clear choice will also come to light with a few helpful friends and a knowledgeable bartender.

Moreover, whiskey is a drink made for sharing while taking in all its exquisite flavors and savoring each sip, so don't rush through it. Instead, take your time to appreciate the intense, rich taste that each brand has to offer.

It’s best to try at least one brand of whiskey before calling last rounds at the bar to broaden your taste and preference. You never know when you might stumble onto the right one and start enjoying whiskey like a pro.

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