Karamoor Estate Wines: Pennsylvania’s Finest Family Owned Winery

Karamoor Estate Wines: Pennsylvania’s finest family owned winery with 250 stunning acres with grape vines as far as the eye can see makes up the home of Nick and Athena Karabots who bought the farm back in the early 1970’s, calling it Karamoor Estate.

Karamoor Estate Wines: Pennsylvania’s finest family owned winery

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Karamoor Estate Wines: Pennsylvania’s finest family owned winery with 250 stunning acres with grape vines as far as the eye can see makes up the home of Nick and Athena Karabots who bought the farm back in the early 1970’s, calling it Karamoor Estate.Karamoor Estate Wines: Pennsylvania’s finest family-owned winery with 250 stunning acres with grapevines as far as the eye can see makes up the home of Nick and Athena Karabots, who repurchased the farm in the early 1970s, calling it Karamoor Estate.

 Karamoor Estate

Karamoore 7JPGThe property has been farmed for over 300 years, originally to grow crops including hay and grain for farm animals. The Karabots’ eventually decided they wanted to grow something that they could enjoy themselves while also sharing it with others. Due to their love for wine and Nick’s adoration of symmetry, vineyards were the perfect addition to their land. According to Alecia Duloc, the Karabots’ granddaughter and Sales & Marketing Manager, Nick is immensely proud of his property and the winery they have built together from the ground up. The winery remains a symbol to the Karabots of what is possible through hard work, devotion, and living the American dream. Their desire to produce quality wine is obvious in their product and culture, which carries on to all that visit and work at Karamoor Estates.

The first vines, consisting of 12 acres, were planted in 2006. 5 more acres were added in 2008 and an additional 10 in the years following. Today, 9 varieties of grapes are grown right in the Karabots’ backyard and never sourced from anywhere else. Some of the staff members live right on the property, making maintenance more convenient. Production started in 2006, but their first vintage was not until 2012. They couldn’t produce on the site until 2011, but they made no wine during that year due to a passing hurricane. Pennsylvania is a challenging place to grow grapes due to the frequent climate changes, growing conditions, and a shorter growing season. Among the many other Pennsylvania area wineries, Karamoor Estates is one of the only ones that does not outsource its fruit. From grape growth to bottle, everything is done on the premise.

In 2012 Kevin Robinson joined Karamoor Estates as their winemaker. He came from Napa, California, with 27 years of experience in winemaking. His main reason for leaving California and relocating to the East coast was the challenge. Kevin tasted Karamoor wines and was surprised at how good they actually were; he also really liked that the Karabots had their own vineyards. This was important because the relationship between the vineyard and the winemaking is everything when producing quality wine. The staff at Karamoor Estates consist of some of the best in the industry, and they are all serious about making the best wine. In California, Kevin did not face many of the issues he faces here in Pennsylvania. He said, “it’s all a learning curve to grow better grapes and make better wine. Winemaking is straightforward when you have good fruit to work with. The ripeness of the grapes and where they are grown are the most important aspect in winemaking”.


So, how do they produce so many grapes at the precise ripeness, you ask? They plant double vines to the acre, roughly 16-20 clusters per vine. This allows for more intensity and concentration in the fruit, which in turn helps it ripen faster. However, a downside to this process is that it’s more cost and labor-intensive. Pennsylvania grapes contain less sugar than California grapes equaling lower alcohol content, making a better wine; this is why Karamoor’s wines are more fruit-forward. Karamoor’s wines are known for pairing better with food, drinkability and are altogether more elegant and balanced.

Karamoor Estates’ business comes mostly from wholesale to Philadelphia restaurants, 25 state local Pennsylvania liquor stores, and a private label for the AKA hotel chain. They also provide internet gift sets and individual bottle sales that ship to any state. Currently, there is no public tasting room on the premises, but it is in the works. They also offer private tours of the property by appointment only.

Recently, Karamoor Estates submitted some of their best wines in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and 6850 other entries. The Sauvignon Blanc 2015 won the bronze, Meritage 2013 took silver, and the Petit Verdot, a limited release of only 50 cases, took the gold.

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Visit online to join one of Karamoor’s wine clubs to receive perks throughout the year or to purchase your next favorite Pennsylvania wine!

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