Seven Great Ways to Conduct the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Seven Great Ways to Conduct the Perfect Marriage Proposal

The Perfect Marriage Proposal

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Philly Wedding ProposalPhiladelphia, PA - It’s a moment you’ll cherish forever and will hopefully end with a positive response in the form of ‘yes,’ and therefore, it should be something you don’t do on a whim, and you put in at least a little effort. We are, of course, talking about marriage proposals.

The pursuit of a flawless wedding proposal is a difficult one and is something that many of us don’t put enough effort into.  It’s an act that will be remembered for a lifetime and, as such, isn’t really something you should look to leave to chance.

Why Your Wedding Proposal Matters

There are many reasons to make sure your wedding proposal has the requisite gravitas, but here are two big motivations that may be key to your individual circumstances.

Firstly, you will want your wedding proposal to be a consummate one because you’ll be looking to sweep your partner off their feet, to give them something to fondly recall for years to come and an event they can regale your kids and grandkids about for decades.

Secondly, you may look to a perfect wedding proposal as a way to convince your partner that they should say yes. Did you know that around one in four women have turned down a marriage proposal and that a massive 37% have been proposed to twice or more?

Obviously, a marriage proposal that has been turned down won’t be down to the way the proposal is conducted, but it is a factor that could prove vital. For instance, if your marriage proposal seems off the cuff or perfunctory, it may come across as an afterthought, a shot in the dark, or a way of trying to salvage a relationship.

An out-of-the-blue proposal, in other words, one that comes before you as a couple have ever even discussed the possibility of marriage, is a risky undertaking. Of the proposals that were rejected, an estimated 40% came in these circumstances.

We’d strongly suggest that any marriage proposal you are planning only comes off the back of conversations you’ve had prior to committing to such an act. 

If you feel that now is the right time to make a marriage proposal, and it’s something you should think long and hard about, then here are some suggestions about how to make the occasion as momentous and romantic as possible.

Great Ways to Conduct the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Avoid Pressure Situations

In relation to the type of wedding proposal you have planned, you may be tempted to do something on a grand scale that involves the proposal being in front of many people. On the whole, this isn’t a great idea mainly because it puts undue pressure on the individual in question.

If, for example, you are looking to make the proposal in a packed stadium at a sports event, think again. If the proposal is in front of friends and family, this is more suitable but, again, could prove less than ideal.

Generally speaking, the more intimate the occasion, the better.

Not the Time to Be Spontaneous

A marriage proposal should be something you plan and not something that you stumble into and therefore isn’t an undertaking to consider spontaneously. There is a reason why drunken proposals are universally panned. Firstly, they may be out of place and not what you actually wanted to do, and secondly, they may give the impression to the recipient that your intentions are not wholly thought through.

Personalized Engagement Rings and Jewelry

You can look to make your proposal a more bespoke occasion by offering custom jewelry that will make the moment all the more unique. Obviously, the chances of getting a ‘yes’ should not hinge on the quality, marksmanship, or cost of any ring that is offered, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to be creative with your choices.

Recreate Your First Date

Being romantic is, of course, key, so why not conduct your proposal at the location you first met or where you had your first date? This is a perfect way to set the scene, but it may mean that the element of surprise is somewhat affected, i.e. they may wonder why you are returning to a certain location after all this time.

Surprise Them On a Holiday

Maybe you guys are already planning on a trip, or you want to surprise your partner; either way, a proposal in an exotic location or just one that is not on your usual patch is a really nice option to consider.

You could make the whole trip a kind of magical mystery tour. You might plan a surprise break to a beautiful location, think Venice, Paris, or New York, and whisk them away, and then while you are there, make it a double whammy by asking them to marry you!

Simple Romantic Picnic

Take a drive out of the city, pack a picnic basket, bring plenty of wine (and maybe a surprise bottle of champagne), unfold a blanket, relax and drink in the scenic splendor, and then top things off with a marriage proposal that will knock them off their feet.

This type of proposal can, on occasion, involve a ring being placed in a champagne glass (this is the kind of incident that occurs in hallmark movies), but we strongly suggest you avoid such an act for fear of the piece of jewelry being consumed, followed by a necessary visit to the ER.

Involve Your Children

If you have a young family, there’s no reason not to include them in the occasion, and it’s an excellent way to make the occasion all the more memorable. They can even be involved in the overall proposal set-up; perhaps they can be holding the ring before you get down on one knee.

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