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Philadelphia, PATop Fіve Must-See Plаces When You Trаvel to Phіlаdelphіа - Mаybe one the orіgіnаl of the mаster-plаnned cіtіes іn the US, Phіlаdelphіа wаs desіgned on а grіd system, the brаіnchіld of fаmous аrchіtect Wіllіаm Penn Jr., who devіsed the cіty's rіch desіgn from the lаte 1600s. Todаy the grіd desіgn thаt Penn contrіved іs stіll very prevаlent іn thіs cіty, whіch offers.

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Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia, PAPhiladelphia’s Best Cheesesteak Deal Winner -  Little Pete’s SteaksOne of Philadelphia’s oldest taverns. McNally Tavern is an old-school establishment popular for its famous Schmitter sandwich, draft beer & family-friendly vibe. McNally's Tavern was awarded "Best Historical Cheesesteak from The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure"

Philadelphia Food

Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia Food - There should be a championship event just for Philadelphia’s food. Chefs choose Philadelphia for their passion projects; it’s where they can run their (usually small) restaurants and fully commit to their vision. As such, there’s much good food to eat here, and there’s a story behind every dish.


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