What is The State Bird of Delaware?

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Philadelphia, PADelaware Blue Hen - Delaware's state bird is the Delaware Blue Hen, a blue strain of the American gamecock. It was adopted as the state bird on April 14, 1939. It is one of only three birds to be recognized as state birds of the United States, despite being non-native.

Delaware's State Bird Is The Delaware Blue Hen

Delaware was the first state in the US to gain statehood. Its capital is Dover.  This state is home to a unique bird - the Blue Hen Chicken. The name is derived from the steel blue color of the hen's feathers. While it is not recognized as a breed, it has been the state bird of Delaware since 1939.

The blue hen chicken is a tough little bird. It has a single comb with five points. It also has smooth earlobes and small wattles. Delaware's state bird, the Blue Hen, is also the bluest. Delaware's state bird law is outlined in Delaware Code Section 304, which details the Blue Hen's characteristics.

The state bird was selected based on historical documents and state legend. Historically, the bird has been associated with cockfighting, and the state believes that the Blue Hen's strength is comparable to that of cockfighting birds.

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