8 Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

8 Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

8 Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

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Restaurants in Richmond VirginiaRICHMOND, VA - During your visit to Richmond, VA, you may want to check out some of the best restaurants in the area. There are several different dining options, including restaurants serving French cuisine.

Restaurant Adarra in Richmond VA

In Richmond's Jackson Ward neighborhood, Restaurant Adarra is a Basque-inspired eatery with an intimate vibe.  The menu offers a mix of French and Spanish techniques and vibrantly seasoned seafood. Adarra is an intimate restaurant where tables are cozy, and servers take their time with customers. They offer recommendations, and they have a deep knowledge of the food. Adarra was one of the top 23 new restaurants in the country, according to Esquire. And it was recently voted one of the best restaurants in Richmond by the local alt-weekly.

Longoven in Richmond VA

Located in Scott's Addition, this is a Richmond restaurant worth a visit.  Not only does it have an extensive menu of tasty dishes, but it also offers great wine and cocktails. This is an excellent place for a night out with friends or a romantic date. In addition to the usual suspects, the restaurant also boasts an impressive wine list, some of which are produced locally. The restaurant has several tables devoted to couples, making it an excellent choice for a romantic date on a weeknight. The Longoven Restaurant also has an impressive fermentation lab, where chef Andrew Manning does his experiments in flavors. While you might think such experiments would only last a few days, they can last for months. This is good for diners because the restaurant has several snazzy cocktails made from fermented beverages.

L'Opossum in Richmond VA

Located in the Oregon Hill neighborhood, L'Opossum Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, is a fun, quirky eatery.  Its name is a play on the word "opossum," the name of a varmint found in Virginia. It is owned by a renowned chef named David Shannon, and the decor is quirky and eclectic. The restaurant also offers French food, with several dishes featuring a twist on the classics. Some menu items include beef "Wellington," barbecue lamb chops, and escargot and ham biscuits. Desserts include apple tarte Tatin and vanilla gelato. The restaurant also serves creme brulee and limoncello. It has a fun, homey vibe and is known for its prompt service. The restaurant is also located near the Tredegar Iron Works.

Grisette in Richmond VA

Grisette isn't your average Richmond, Virginia restaurant. It's more of a wine bar than it is a restaurant.  It's not even open until late August. It's operated by former Bistro 27 owner Donnie Glass, a partner in The Virginian Restaurant Company. Grisette boasts a pretty atmosphere, as well as an attentive staff. Several exciting drink options include press coffee, house beer, and a whiskey list. And while it's technically a wine bar, Grisette isn't afraid to have a little fun with its cocktails. And, if you're looking for a more romantic setting, the restaurant has a patio of nearly 100 people.

Saison in Richmond VA

The Saison restaurant is a hip hangout located in Richmond, Virginia, with an eclectic menu.  The menu features heirloom grains and Latin flavors. It also has a well-trained and knowledgeable host. The restaurant is a popular choice with a 40-plus crowd. The menu features several cocktails, many of which are unique and fun. The menu has several notable cocktails and a few novelty beers. The restaurant has had two positive experiences in the last six months. The restaurant has a very well-trained and knowledgeable host and offers several cocktails worth trying. The restaurant is a trendy choice with several aficionados.

Mama J's Kitchen in Richmond VA

In Richmond's historic Jackson Ward neighborhood, Mama J's Kitchen is one of the city's best-loved soul food restaurants.  It is family-owned and serves delicious, authentic dishes. They are also known for their outstanding service. This restaurant offers takeout, delivery, and a full bar. You can choose from their chicken, shrimp, burgers, ribs, and more menu. Mama J's has a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere. They offer a wide variety of favorites, from fried catfish to coconut cakes, and are known for their iced tea and wine. You can also enjoy their beer, rose lemonade, and chocolate frappe. They also offer a variety of desserts, including bread pudding and lemon drizzle.

Alewife in Richmond VA

Located in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, Alewife serves various seafood dishes.  It is owned and operated by chef Lee Gregory. He is a three-time James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist. His background in Virginia includes working at the Mockingbird, Six Burner, Blue Light Grill in Staunton, Virginia, and the Roosevelt in Church Hill. The restaurant focuses on celebrating the diversity of the Mid-Atlantic coastal waters. Alewife's food menu includes whole roasted fish, fruits of the sea, and a variety of cocktails to complement the seafood. They also have a seasonal menu called Artic Char. Their seafood sampler, the Siren's Song, changes daily. They serve a variety of dishes on an extra-large platter. They have corn meal biscuits and carrot-miso butter with their Szechuan peppercorn-dusted oysters.

Lemaire in Richmond VA

Located inside the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, Lemaire is a New American restaurant with a lot to offer.  The menu features classic regional dishes paired with the finest Virginia wine. The cocktail menu offers the savviest of drinks. This restaurant has been creating memorable dining experiences for over three decades. With high ceilings and marble columns, this New American restaurant has a sophisticated atmosphere. It also features elevated New American fare and craft cocktails. The restaurant is a must-try for anyone in the Richmond area looking for a memorable dining experience.

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