Why a Career in Truck Driving if You Live in Philadelphia

Four Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Truck Driving

Four Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Truck Driving

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Philadelphia Has Many Truck Driver JobsPhiladelphia, PA Truck driving can be a lucrative and fulfilling career. Here are just four great reasons why you should consider a career as a truck driver in Philadelphia, followed by some tips to help you get started. 

1. Philadelphia Has Many Truck Driver Jobs Available, and the Pay Is Well Above the National Average

A study by Zippia looked at the most recent data concerning the average annual wages and availability of truck driving jobs throughout the U.S. to find out which states are best for truck drivers.

Pennsylvania is second on the list of best states for truck drivers in 2023. So, people who become truck drivers in Philadelphia can command a higher wage and access more job opportunities compared to many other cities.

Only Kentucky beat Pennsylvania to the top spot. At the time of Zippia’s report, 14,369 truck driving jobs were available, and the average annual salary for truck drivers was $68,232, with the lowest 10% earning $45,000 and the highest 10% earning $101,000.

2. Truck Driving Provides Job Stability, and You Get to Explore New Places

Not only do truck driving jobs in Philadelphia pay well and have numerous openings. There is also a consistent demand for drivers. Furthermore, as a truck driver, you could drive to places all over the country. So, if you enjoy driving and seeing new places, truck driving could be the ideal career for you.

Plus, while you may not want to move away from Philadelphia, if your circumstances do lead you to move to another city or state, you will still be able to have job stability, as truck drivers aren’t confined to working in one area.

You could even travel to other countries if you become an international truck driver. 

3. The Self-supervised Nature of Truck Driving Gives You Freedom

If you don’t like having a boss breathing down your neck and you enjoy your own company, truck driving could be the ideal career.

You’ll have some interaction with clients on your journeys and supervisors at depots, but you’ll spend the majority of your time driving by yourself. So, truck driving can create a real sense of freedom.

If you’re looking for work that is majorly self-supervised, truck driving could be the right choice.

4. You Don’t Need Higher Education Qualifications

Unlike many other jobs, you don’t need to spend years at college, and spend money on your education, to become a truck driver. All you need to do is gain a class-A commercial driver’s license.

So, you can start work in this industry much sooner in comparison to other industries. 

Tips for Becoming a Truck Driver

If you’re now sold on the idea of pursuing a truck driving career, here are some helpful tips to get started.

Explore Affordable Licensing Options

The one thing you need to get before you can become a truck driver is your commercial driver’s license certification. To keep costs down, look at classes at local community colleges or local driving schools in Philadelphia.

Another option to make the licensing process affordable is to look for employers who reimburse you for training.

Buy a Reliable Used Truck if Possible

Some companies provide trucks, but you could be better positioned to land certain jobs if you have your own truck. While buying a new truck is sure to be costly, you can make significant savings when you hunt down a reliable pre-owned semi-truck.

And once you have your own truck, you have the option to become an owner/operator. By running your own business, you can make a lot more money than you would by driving on behalf of a company.

Explore Additional Certifications

Once you have gotten your commercial driver’s license, consider gaining additional certifications to open up new opportunities. For instance, you could get licenses to operate double and triple trailers or non-hazardous liquid tankers.

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