Where Are the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Maine?

Where Are the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Maine?

Where Are the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Maine?

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Ice Cream MaineMAINE - Whether you prefer drive-through ice cream or a walk-up window experience, Maine has plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Some local favorites include Red's Dairy Freeze and Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream, both a short drive from Portland. Both serve excellent strawberry soft-serve ice cream and are perfect for socializing.

Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream in Bar Harbor

A popular downtown Bar Harbor gourmet shop has an outpost with an array of ice creams and sorbets.  You can pick up a scoop or indulge in an entire ice cream sundae. The shop also offers a selection of sorbets known for its homemade ice cream. The ice cream at Mount Desert Island is made from organic, locally sourced ingredients. The flavors are innovative and unique. Some of them include Jack Daniels ice cream, made with oat milk, and a blueberry basil sorbet with a subtle earthy flavor. The wait is short once you're inside, and the ice cream comes out quickly.

The shop's owners are not only passionate about the quality of their ice cream. The store features an extensive list of unique flavors. In addition to their signature chocolate chip ice cream, they serve milkshakes, floats, and sundaes. And those with food allergies can choose from a variety of milkshakes and sorbets. They even offer hot chocolate, a popular treat in the fall.

Red’s Dairy Freeze in South Portland

If you're looking for a unique and delicious treat, you can't go wrong with Red's Dairy Freeze. This South Portland, Maine, ice cream shop is more than 70 years old and still serves up every type of frozen treat under the sun. Whether you're a fan of vanilla or chocolate, you're sure to find the right flavor at Red's Dairy Freeze. And if you have a sweet tooth, you can order a Boston Shake - the place is known for serving this unique treat! The original Red's Dairy Freeze was opened in 1945 and was named after a delivery driver who delis for Hood dairy products. The deli began as Tastee Freeze but quickly became Red's, Dairy Freeze. Today, it's located in a primarily residential neighborhood, just across from Mahoney Middle School and Brown School.

Gorgeous Gelato in Portland

When visiting Portland, Maine, you should try Gorgeous Gelato, one of the best gelato shops in the state.  The shop specializes in house-made scoops, as well as a variety of desserts. It also offers Italian hot chocolate and coffee. The friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. This Portland gelateria draws inspiration from its owner's Italian hometown, Milan. The flavors are hand-crafted with old-world techniques and include flavors such as hazelnut, caramel, and dark chocolate. The shop also has rotating seasonal flavors. There's even a vegan gelato selection. All ingredients are hand-picked, and the shop doesn't use artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Beal’s Ice Cream in Gorham

If you are looking for the best ice cream in Maine, you should visit Beals Ice Cream.  The creamery offers over fifty different flavors of delicious hard-scoop ice cream. The ice cream will satisfy your taste buds with vibrant colors and rich flavors. The ice cream shop is located at 571 Main Street in Gorham. The ice cream is served in small batches and is made by hand. The company has five retail locations. To find a store near you, simply visit their website or Facebook page. You can also call them to ask about their hours of operation.

Houlton Farms Dairy Bar in Houlton

If you're looking for a delicious milkshake in Houlton, Maine, look no further than the Houlton Farms Dairy Bar.  This family-run establishment serves up freshly made milkshakes and other treats. Customers can enjoy a delicious banana split and a perfectly cooked hot dog. The staff is courteous and accommodating, and prices are reasonable. The Lincoln family owns and operates the dairy, which is well-known for its fresh milk and cream. Eric Lincoln started working there during the summer when he was sixteen, and after graduating high school, he became a full-time employee. The original dairy owner wanted to sell it, and the Lincoln family purchased the business in 1981. The Lincolns have since expanded the business by adding dairy bars to their other locations. They have three locations: Houlton, Presque Isle, and Caribou.

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