Driving Smart Ways to Save Gas

Driving Smart Ways to Save Gas

Driving Smart Ways to Save Gas

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Save Gas Money TipsPhiladelphia, PA - Here are some Driving Smart Ways to Save Gas.  These include accelerating and decelerating smoothly, keeping your windows open when possible, and using cruise control. Listed below are some other tips to keep your gas mileage high. Consider these tips when you are driving your car next time. They may surprise you! They may even help you save money on your next car purchase. To learn more about driving smart, read on!

Avoiding Sudden Stops And Starts

While you may not think of stopping and starting while driving to save gas as a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, this is an important technique that will help you save money on gas. In general, cars use about half of their energy in acceleration, so avoid accelerating suddenly or abruptly when possible. Using your brakes slowly and smoothly can save your car up to 10% in fuel. A smooth driving posture is also necessary when driving in traffic, so avoid making sudden starts or stops.

Avoiding Sudden Acceleration

It's easy to be excited while driving your car, but unexpected acceleration while driving can increase fuel consumption and wear on your vehicle. It's also more frightening than it may sound, but SUA can be avoided with a few safety tips. First, ensure that the area around your feet is clear of any objects. Also, make sure that floor mats don't cover your pedals. Second, if you feel that you're suddenly accelerating, try to regain control of your vehicle. Don't simply shut the engine off, which could be dangerous.

Keeping Your Windows Up

In order to save gas, many drivers are turning to the option of keeping their windows open while driving. This option reduces the drag that a car experiences and can save you as much as 25% in fuel. However, it's not just this option that can help you save gas. Driving with windows open will also keep you cooler in the summer, improving your car's performance and saving you money.

Using Cruise Control

If you're looking to save gas, use cruise control. Unlike traditional driving, cruise control keeps a constant speed, which is more fuel-efficient than accelerating and braking. However, you should be aware that cruise control can't read road conditions like a human driver, so it may use more fuel than you would. So how do you use the cruise control to save gas? Read on to discover some of the benefits and disadvantages of cruise control.

Idling Your Car

Idling your car to save gas is an effective way to save money on fuel. Modern cars don't take very long to start. You could idle your car for hours without any problems if there were unlimited fuel. Also, idling your car for long periods can cause the engine to use more gas than necessary. It's also best to avoid idling your car for longer than necessary since idling is equivalent to putting your car in park.

Keeping Your Car In Tip-top Shape

Several simple ways to increase your gas mileage include avoiding highways, avoiding left turns, and keeping your car clean. A clean car gets better gas mileage than a dirty car, and drivers who avoid these activities will save gas. If you drive over 50 mph, you will see a reduction of about 4% in your mileage. Rapid acceleration and braking can lower gas mileage by 33% or more. The speedometer also plays a big role in your gas consumption, as each additional five mph consumes 24 cents per gallon.

Buying Gas On Mondays

Whether you drive your car for work or pleasure, buying gas on Mondays will save you money on your daily commute. In addition to Mondays, Tuesdays are also good days to fill up, but only in a few states. Buying gas on Mondays has been proven to be the most cost-effective day to fill up, and in some states, it is even cheaper than on Tuesdays. However, this tip doesn't apply to every state and may not work in yours. The best time to buy gas is before dawn or late at night, as gas stations raise their prices during rush hour. However, for most motorists, the best days to fill up are late in the week or on the weekend.

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