Google Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Have

 Google Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Have

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Collage Student Life SaversPhiladelphia, PA - Are you having a hard time balancing school work and personal life? That’s normal, and surely you can do something about it. As a student, the world doesn’t only revolve around schoolwork. It’s a chance for exploring and building relationships with other people. In this article, you’ll learn how to crack the student life.

Collage Student Life Savers

To get started, here are the top 3 life-changing Google Chrome extensions that can help you manage your time well and be productive.

1. Picture in Picture

Do you split your screen to watch your favorite video while surfing the web? Well, you can maximize your screen with this extension! Picture in Picture lets you play your favorite video on the side while you check your social media accounts or manage other tasks!

2. MyBib: Free Citation Generator

You can’t finish writing a research paper without having to cite your sources. If you are using an online citation generator, it’s a lot of effort to fill-up the form just for the generator to format your bibliography for you. This extension generates your citation, may it be an article or a video, and you can choose from a variety of citation formats.

3. Momentum

All we need is motivation. Finishing tasks could be troublesome if there are a lot of distractions. This extension lets you track your progress in realtime and motivates you at the same time. Every time you open your tab, it shows you the time, your to-do list, and a quote to keep you moving.

Hopefully, these extensions get you going, and always remember to take a break and care for your mental health!

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