5 Best: Must-Try Pizza Shops in Lackawanna County, PA

 Must-Try Pizza Shops in Lackawanna County, PA

Must-Try Pizza Shops in Lackawanna County, PA

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Philadelphia, PABest Lackawanna County Pizza—Old Forge, Pennsylvania, is known as "The Pizza Capital of the World." While everyone has a favorite pizza, even yours might not be, Lackawanna County Pizza is worth a taste.

Best Lackawanna County Pizza

From incredible Sicilian Pan-Fried Pizzas at Popsy's Pizzeria to the best white pizza from an old-school Italian joint at Anthony's Pizza, we have you covered with The Best Pizza Shops and Restaurants in Lackawanna County.

1. Popsy's Pizzeria

Popsys serves up a great NY round along with a one-of-a-kind Sicilian Pan-Fried that is incredible. But the star is the New York-style hand-tossed pies, one of the best in Old Forge. Located at 230 Oak St, Old Forge, PA

2. Maroni's Pizza

Old School Old Forge Pizza is served in a school pizza parlor in Scranton. One of the best mozzarella square pizzas around. Try their half Mozzarella & half red, but place your order early because it gets jam-packed on weekends. Located at 1345 St Ann St, Scranton, PA

3. Mary Lou's Pizza

Mary Lou's makes a great pizza. From crust to sauce, everything is great, and this pie is well worth the money. Be sure to try out the white pizza, which is possibly one of Old Forge's best single and double crusts. It's a nice crust - thin and light but still holds its shape. Located at 209 Dunn Ave, Old Forge, PA

4. Anthony's

This is an old-school Italian joint in all the best ways—a very homey atmosphere. It has an upscale feel, but the food is reasonably priced, and a perfect place for a date. If you haven't tried Old Forge-style pizza yet, try this place. It's a light, thick crust with sweet sauce and perfect cheese. Located at 202 S Main St, Old Forge, PA

5. Bar Pazzo

The wood-fired pizzas are crispy with the right amount of char. Served up in a relaxed, modern eatery featuring a wood-fired oven with house-made pasta, gelato, and an espresso bar. The Neopolitan-style pizza is the best of its kind here. Located at 131 N Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18503

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Written By: Philly Bite Magazines Staff

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Best Lackawanna County Pizza, Shops, and Restaurants

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