5 Best Pizza Shops in The Lehigh Valley, PA

5 Best Pizza Shops in The Lehigh Vallery, PA

5 Best Pizza Shops in The Lehigh Vallery, PA

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Pennsylvania PA - Lehigh Valley PizzaThe Lehigh Valley has some great Pizza shops serving up gigantic Pizza slices. Like Tony's Pizza with slices twice as big as a normal pie or how about Ferrara's Pizzeria serving up a big-slices of classic Pizza with a thin-crispy garlic crust. Listed below are a few of PhillyBite's Staff Picks for The Best Pizza Shops and Unique Pizza's in The Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh County's Pizza Paradise: 5 Must-Try Spots for a Slice of Heaven

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, may be known for its rich history and scenic landscapes, but it also harbors a hidden gem for pizza lovers. From classic Italian flavors to innovative Neapolitan-style creations, these five pizzerias offer a diverse and delectable pizza experience.

Jack's Pizza (Allentown): This unassuming pizzeria on Tilghman Street is a local favorite, renowned for its authentic Italian-style pizzas. Their light and airy crust, with a perfect balance of softness and crispness, allows the fresh toppings to shine. Each bite is a taste of Italy, transporting you to the streets of Naples with its simple yet flavorful ingredients.

Tony's Pizza (Coopersburg): A family-run establishment in the heart of town, Tony's Pizza is a beloved institution for its generous portions and friendly service. Their slices are noticeably larger than the average, offering excellent value for your money. The fresh ingredients and friendly atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a casual meal with friends or family.

Ferrara's Pizzeria (Whitehall): This pizzeria stands out for its delicious sauce, reminiscent of homemade Sunday gravy. Their thin-crust pizzas, perfectly seasoned with garlic, are a delightful canvas for a variety of fresh toppings. Ferrara's commitment to quality ingredients and traditional recipes make it a top choice for pizza purists.

Cherryville Pizza (Cherryville): This cozy restaurant and pub in Cherryville offers a unique pizza experience. Their slices are big, flavorful, and generously topped, with a satisfying crunch to the crust. The combination of stringy cheese and fresh ingredients makes it a must-try for anyone seeking a hearty and delicious meal.

Switchback Pizza Company (Emmaus): For a taste of Neapolitan-style pizza, look no further than Switchback Pizza Company. Their wood-fired pizzas, cooked in a traditional oven, boast a unique char and bubbly crust that's simply irresistible. The Margherita pizza, a classic combination of fresh mozzarella, basil, and San Marzano tomatoes, is a standout on their menu.

Whether you prefer a classic slice or a creative culinary adventure, Lehigh County's pizza scene has something to satisfy every craving. So, gather your friends and family, explore these five exceptional pizzerias, and discover the hidden gem of pizza that awaits in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley.

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Written By: Philly Bite Magazines Staff

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