5 Must-Try Lobster Spots in Maine

5 Must-Try Lobster Spots in Maine

5 Must-Try Lobster Spots in Maine

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Eating Lobster in MaineMAINE - There are several ways to experience the unique flavor of Maine lobster. Many fine establishments provide complimentary cracking devices and bibs when you order lobster. Try ordering a lobster roll if you prefer a less messy way to enjoy the lobster. These delicious sandwiches feature a split-top bun with meat piled on top. They are often served with cold Mayo and hot drawn butter.

1. Young's Lobster Pound

Young's Lobster Pound in Maine is a small-town venue that serves up casual seafood, lobster rolls, and grilled fish. The waterfront setting features a casual atmosphere with picnic tables. The restaurant serves up fresh lobster and crab and makes it easy to share a meal with friends. The seafood-oriented restaurant is reminiscent of Maine's early days of lobster pounds. Before modern refrigeration made it possible to consume lobsters and crabs, lobster pounds were small, informal take-out locations with picnic tables. The establishment was first opened by Bud and Belle Young in Belfast, where it grew out of their family fishing operation. It soon became a popular destination for locals and tourists.

2. Young's Clam Hut

You won't want to miss Young's Clam Hut when you're in Maine, especially if you love eating lobster. This simple venue serves lobster rolls, casual seafood, and grilled fish. There are picnic tables on the waterfront where you can enjoy your meal.

You'll love the outdoor seating at this quaint shack. You'll see the ocean, where lobster boats haul in their catch. You'll also be able to watch the lobstermen unload and refuel their boats. You won't have to wear a bib if dining outside.

3. Bob's Clam Hut

If you're hungry for lobster and fried clams while traveling through coastal Maine, stop by Bob's Clam Hut. Located on the coast of Maine, the long-running eatery is a good choice for a quick bite. You can order from the window and wait for your meal to be cooked.

Bob's opened in 1956 and is a favorite seafood restaurant among locals and tourists. Fresh seafood is delivered daily to the location. The menu features classics like New England Clam Chowder, Lobster Stew, and fried clams. This family-run eatery has a classic New England feel and still uses the same cook-to-order system as back in 1956.

4. Robert's Maine Grill

Robert's Maine Grill is a must-try for any lobster lover visiting Maine. The food is locally sourced and emphasizes craft beer. The menu is simple, and the service is excellent. The restaurant also offers lobster roll options that will satisfy any seafood craving. The atmosphere is laid-back, and the staff is friendly.

The restaurant has been in business for almost 50 years and is known for its award-winning lobster rolls and locally caught lobster. The menu also features fried oysters, steamed mussels, and delicious blueberry crumbles and pie. It is also family-friendly. Customers love the large portions and the modern decor and staff. And the prices are reasonable, too.

5. Foster's Clambake

For a true New England clambake, head to Foster's Clambake in York, Maine. You'll get to sample award-winning clam chowder, steamers, and roasted potatoes at this restaurant. You'll also savor some succulent Maine lobster, sure to please any foodie.

The clambake tradition dates back to Native Americans, who cooked their lobsters in sand pits over seaweed. Later, New Englanders adapted the cooking process and added driftwood to the pit to cook the lobster. This method has been practiced for over a century and is a popular way to enjoy lobster in Maine.

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