What is Pennsylvania State Food?

What is Pennsylvania State Food?

What is Pennsylvania State Food?

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Pennsylvania State FoodPhiladelphia, PA - What is the state food of Pennsylvania? While Pennsylvania does not officially have state food, there are several options available in the state. The most famous of these is scrapple, which is a meatloaf made from leftover pork. The Pennsylvania state food also features a drink named for a golfer, Arnold Palmer (from Latrobe, PA.). It is a blend of half lemonade and half iced tea, and it's been a summer staple at many country clubs. A second option is Pennsylvania Dutch chicken stew, which features egg noodles and vegetables.

Foods That Are Pennsylvanian

The Pennsylvania Dutch played a significant role in developing Pennsylvania's cuisine. The Pennsylvania state dish, Lebanese bologna, is made from sausage and dates to 1902. You can find this dish at Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna, which dates back to 1902. Another Pennsylvania state food is pierogi, which has become a staple of the state. You can find them all over the state, including Pittsburgh.

Another delicious Pennsylvania food is shoofly pie. This sweet dessert is especially popular in the Amish areas of the state. It is believed to have originated among German immigrants who moved to Pennsylvania in the 1880s. It's famous for its sweet flavor, which attracts flies. The ingredients include flour, brown sugar, and molasses. Its texture resembles a coffee cake. Traditionally, it's served as breakfast food.

Another Pennsylvania state food is a sweet treat called Peeps. Made in Bethlehem; these ooey-gooey sugary treats are a favorite of Easter revelers.

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