What is Taylor Ham?

What is Taylor Ham?

What is Taylor Ham?

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What is Taylor hamPhiladelphia, PA - If you're wondering, "What is Taylor ham?" and are not familiar with this specialty, you are not alone. The tasty ham originated in Trenton, New Jersey, and has spread throughout neighboring states. It is incredibly salty and slightly slick, and it has a distinct flavor. You have probably never had the pleasure of eating it with an egg and cheese on a hard roll.

Taylor Pork Roll aka Taylor Ham, Trenton Pork Roll

When first introduced, Taylor Ham was originally known as "Taylor's Prepared Ham." Later, the FDA changed the name to "pork roll." That name stuck, and the dish became known as Taylor - Pork Roll. It is now widely sold and can be bought in stores nationwide. It is typically made from ground pork shoulder meat, the same type used in sausages. The meat is then salted, sugared, spiced, and cured with sodium nitrate. Afterward, it is sliced and sold as "Taylor's Roll."

Originally, the Taylor Ham was a rolled pork product developed in Trenton, New Jersey. It was named after its inventor, John Taylor, a prominent Trenton businessman, and state senator. Initially, the product was labeled a ham, but this later changed as other manufacturers entered the market. In 1856, Taylor's cured meat was smoked before packaging.

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