What are Georgia Boiled Peanuts

Georgia Boiled Peanuts

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Boiled PeanutsPhiladelphia, PA - A popular snack in Georgia, boiled peanuts are available in stores and roadside stands throughout the state. These crunchy, roasted nuts should be served hot and eaten from the shell. Cooked in a pot for an hour, these tasty snacks are considered Southern delicacies.

In fact, if you're in the area, you should consider visiting Georgia's famous boiled peanut stand and savoring some of the best-boiled peanuts in the nation.

Georgia Boiled Peanuts

A true Georgia-boiled peanut recipe will have no specific cooking time; you'll have to test the nuts to make sure they're done in the right way. The peanuts should be very soft when finished, but you can use an instant-read thermometer to ensure they're done perfectly.

However, a Georgian is more likely to follow a recipe that calls for a larger quantity of salt. So, you should always double the amount of salt for boiled peanuts but avoid over-salting them.

The Georgia Boiled Peanut stand is a popular food in the south. It is not difficult to find a stand on the side of the road. There's usually a homemade sign on the truck of the boiled peanut vendor, and a big pot of peanuts sitting on top of it. The resulting boiled peanuts are served in oversized Styrofoam cups. They're so tasty that you'll never want to stop eating them.

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