What is Kansas City Barbeque?

What is Kansas City Barbeque?

Kansas City BBQ Brisket

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KC BBQ"Kansas City Barbecue" is a regional-style barbecue, originating in the pits of Pitmaster Henry Perry in the early 20th century in Kansas City (KC). A traditional Kansas City barbecue platter includes beef ribs and lamb ribs, served with a sweet KC barbecue sauce.

Kansas City BBQ Burt Ends and Brisket

The beef brisket is sliced into squares and brushed with barbecue sauce. It's often leaner and thicker than other prominent styles of BBQ and made with a tomato base, cooked directly into the meat, and the sauce is often made with molasses or brown sugar base.

This style of barbeque originated in the Garment District, in the heart of Kansas City. The combination of slow-smoked meats and a molasses-based sauce has become a worldwide phenomenon in the barbecue world. Known for its sweet and tangy sauce, and burnt ends. The burnt ends are so good that they become the "holy grail" of barbecue and a staple menu item at many Kansas City restaurants.

A traditional Kansas City BBQ sandwich features smoked brisket with a beautiful pink smoke ring. The meat is also seasoned for example with garlic and rosemary. Some KC barbecue joints also offer smoked chicken and fish. And, while some charred meat is often considered unappealing, KC BBQ is known for those burnt ends.

The best Kansas City BBQ is smoked over hot coals for several hours, then marinated and cooked in a smoker. The meat is smoked slowly and seasoned to perfection. It is often served with sides and a good KC BBQ joint is a great place to grab a drink and relax after a long day at work.

While most Kansas City barbecue restaurants specialize in brisket, they also serve chicken, baked beans, and ribs. Several restaurants even bottle their own blends of barbecue sauce for sale. So, next time you come across some KC BBQ, pop in and give it a try.

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