The Delco Region Cheesesteak Contenders

The Delco Region Cheesesteak Contenders

The Delco Region Cheesesteak Contenders

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March Cheesesteak Madness Philly RegionMarch Cheesesteak Madness is a bracket-style tournament of cheesesteaks. We have 64 Cheesesteak entries broken into four regions, so Let's have fun and virtually eat cheesesteaks alone together!


Jim Pappas"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 550 different cheesesteaks in the last 22 months. I am hoping to use my new found Cheesesteak knowledge to help fill the void in our lives left by the canceling of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament". - Jim Pappas

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The Delco Region Chesessteak Contenders

  1. Johnny Paisano's - 226 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA

This is the best Cheesesteak no one is talking about is at Johnny Paisano, tucked away between a bunch of other stores on Baltimore Pike. Their bread is a fantastic sesame seed roll, the meat was chopped, tender, and juicy. The fried onions and peppers were nice big chunks, and I love big pieces, especially flavorful ones that sat on the grill for a little bit. The perfect amount of cheese melted perfectly into the whole Cheesesteak.

This is one of those times where great ingredients meet a talented, caring person that knows how to put them together. 'Brotherly love' is the secret ingredient in great cheesesteaks.

  1. Wilson's Secret Sauce - 265 E Township Line Rd Upper Darby, PA

Great BBQ, great Cheesesteak, great place (parking, table service, and bathroom) and great staff.  Another example of having ingredients that complement each other, although BBQ needs a hardier roll.

Closed Monday and Tuesday, so Sunday night, everything perishable gets packed up and taken to the food bank.

  1. Coco's Pizza - the original location at 540 Oak Ave Primos, PA

Some places just make you feel welcome, and this is one of them.  They make their own bread, ice cream, cookies, and have a toy train that goes around the room.

A delicious Cheesesteak by a terrific staff.

  1. Sam's Boardwalk Style Pizza -  31 Brookline Blvd Haverford, PA

The Cheesesteak was delicious, and the meat was plentiful, moist, and flavorful, with the perfect amount of cheese melt. The mushroom flavor comes through on the first bite, and the roll was excellent.

BUT I don't think I liked it for this Cheesesteak. I would love for this roll to be a garlic bread roll and then the Cheesesteak on it. My other favorite thing about Sam's is you have 3 ways to drink a beer with your Cheesesteak; 1. Craft beer from the cooler at Sam's. 2. Eat-in McGillicutty's next door (no smoking). 3. Take ur Sam's Cheesesteak to the Ivy Room (smoking). Great overall experience!!

  1. The Original Thunderbirds - 2323 West Chester Pike Broomall, PA

A cool vintage spot with lots of old pictures on the walls and a couple of old-timers eating at the counter. Good Cheesesteak, I loved that roll, and the meat was delicious but not finely chopped, which made me really chew/eat it.

The Cheesesteak can stand on its own, but it is more of a place you go for the experience. Please do not send hate mail to Thunderbirds because they did not put 'Philadelphia Cheesesteak adventure lunch with Jim Pappas' on the sign. They did not know I was coming.  That will make sense if you watch the video.

  1. Anna's Sandwich Shop - 303 Sutton Ave Folsom, PA

Great Cheesesteak, I wish it had a little more cheese, and I was disappointed that the extras spent time on the grill getting to mingle with the meat.

It is a great cheesesteak. One table in the middle of the floor and really enjoyed chatting with the 2nd (?) generation owner.

  1. Sciarrino's Pizza - 4 Chester Pike Darby, PA

Holy mackerel! This Cheesesteak is unique; it comes with fried onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and sauce. Watch the video, this is how you put sauce and melt the cheese on top of the Cheesesteak.

This Cheesesteak is top-notch, but I would make sure you have a place to eat it.

  1. JD McGillicuddy's - 8921 West Chester Pike Upper Darby, PA

The bartender told me about their Garlic bread, they call it Chrissel Bread. I call it Buttery Garlic Heaven and got my Cheesesteak on the Chrissel bread. The Cheesesteak was small, BUT it was $8 and came with a bag of chips, plus the flavor jumps off the plate and smacks you in the face.

A plus, Troegs draft is $5. Winner, winner JD McGillicuddy's cheesesteak dinner, lunch, and/or day drinking meal.

  1. Colonial Kitchen - 103 N Union Ave. Lansdowne, PA

The perfect vibe! I walked in 2 mins before opening, 2 customers ahead of 3 people on hold, and me.  You could tell the employees had worked together for many years, and they worked well together.

Delicious traditional Cheesesteak with plenty of seating and a bathroom.

  1. Paul Revere Pizza House - 193 Shadeland Ave. Lansdowne, PA

Another reason to love Paul Revere!!  Parking, tables, bathroom, and very nice people were a great start to this Cheesesteak. They offer a considerable amount of meat with an excellent flavor.

I wish I could have fit one more bite of food in my mouth because I really wanted the banana pudding!!

  1. Liberty Steaks & Hoagies - 1937 MacDade Blvd. Woodlyn, PA

I have driven by this place for 40 years. I would have never stopped in if it wasn't for the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure and found a perfect traditional cheesesteak.

If you're traveling or want to send your Cheesesteak somewhere, for an extra dollar, they will wrap it special for travel. A bonus is there day drinking bar.

  1. Dominic's Meat and Deli - 10th St. Marcus Hook, PA

Where have you been my whole life! $5.36 after tax and easily top 10 meat. The 'meat' in Dominic's Meat and Deli should have let me know that this was going to be good meat. It was small, but it was $5.36 after taxes. Well worth it. I was going to take my Cheesesteak and eat down by the Pirate house by the Delaware river, but they were filming a movie or something, so the roads were blocked off. Who knew Marcus Hook is the epicenter of The Cheesesteak universe and they're making movies!! Go, Marcus Hook!

PS 3rd generation owner and I 'would love to see him win' contestant.

  1. Marco's - 490 Conchester Hwy. Aston, PA

I think I love Marco's. They offered garlic bread on a different cheesesteak, so I asked for it on my all-in Cheesesteak, they didn't even flinch.

This is a delicious cheesesteak, with a lot going on, fried onions, mushrooms, peppers, and pepperoni. Everything worked great together. Excellent overall experience.

  1. B&N Market - 1600 W 3rd St. Chester, PA

$5.50, and this thing was meaty, juicy, as well as tasty, and I even splurged the 50 cents for peppers. Now I'm not saying drop everything and run down to Chester and get yourself a Cheesesteak at B&N food market. But if you're in Chester and you want a delicious cheesesteak for $5.50, B&N Food Market is your spot.

It is takeout only, so you need a place to eat, I recommend going to Larimer Beer Company. Excellent cheesesteak experience.

  1. Pig vs. Wolf

The Tattooed Pig vs. Wolf's Superior sandwiches for the 15 seed.  I started with a no exotic cheesesteaks policy, but the Tattooed Pig has a phenomenal Philly-retro. Wolf's has 'the Gritty.' Cheesesteak with scrapple mixed in.

They are in the same Shopping Center, and Aston Eats an active Facebook page, so I thought a 'win in & you're in' scenario would work perfectly.  Really I just wanted to write pig vs. wolf.

  1. Leo's Steak Shop - 1403 Chester Pike Folcroft, PA

A cheesesteak's Cheesesteak, if you want a big cheesesteak, goto Leo's. They have a couple of picnic tables outside, but you'll probably want your own place to eat your Cheesesteak. Lettuce and tomato are on the bottom, which I am not a fan.

Leo's is known for a lot of meat on their cheesesteaks.

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