BBQ 101: What is Korean BBQ

"Korean BBQ" was made up by Koreans who live here in the States. It was a way for Korean restauran

BBQ 101: What is Korean BBQ

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PhillyBite10The phrase "Korean BBQ" was made up by Koreans who live here in the States. It was a way for Korean restaurant owners to advertise what they were selling. Americans are less likely to understand what "bulgogi" or "bulgalbi" is. Not only is it hard to pronounce, it doesn't even sound good to eat. The phrase "Korean BBQ" fixed all that. People understood what is was, albeit wrongly, and it sounded pretty good too.

Currently, what most Korean restaurants mean by "Korean BBQ" is any meat -- beef, pork, chicken, or seafood (squid & shrimp) -- that is marianated in a Korean sauce and cooked over an open fire, usually a small grill at your table. Some restaurants even include vegetables under Korean BBQ. Sometimes when restaurants bring the food out from the kitchen already cooked, they just cook it on a pan. It's still pretty good but not as good as cooking over an open flame. Those tables with the built-in grills are expensive, and many smaller restaurants can't afford to buy them.

Different dishes are suppose to have different marinades, and there are many examples of these marinades online. In larger cities, there are Korean buffets that have many different Korean BBQs on their buffet menu. Try one of those places to get an idea of what each item is suppose to taste like, and then try an online recipe of your favorites. Korean BBQ is really cheap to make at home.

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