10 Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

10 Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

10 Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

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Haunted Places in New JerseyNEW JERSEY - As one of the oldest states in the US, New Jersey boasts plenty of ghostly folklore - from haunted prisons and even an entire road named Gates of Hell!  Places like Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital were home to many peculiar patients, such as folk singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie, who sought treatment for Huntington's disease there. Visitors have reported hearing moans, rattled chains, and ghostly apparitions at this haunted institution!

1. Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower, a stone structure in Alpine, New Jersey. It's said that by circling the Tower a certain number of times, a ghost will suddenly appear. However, the Tower is formally known as Rio Vista and was constructed in 1910 by millionaire sugar importer Manuel Rionda Manuel Rionda. It was dedicated to his wife, who was buried on nearby land but was later moved.

2. Burlington County Prison

An abandoned prison in New Jersey could easily be haunted, particularly one with its dungeon. Visitors and inmates have reported moaning noises, chains clanging together, and moaning noises emanating from within its confines.

3. Lambertville High School

Once the Class of 1959 graduated, South Hunterdon Regional High School took its place. The building remained empty for decades until 1992, when fire devastated much of it. Lambertville is a picturesque town on the Delaware River, evoking images from Rockwellian works of harmony and good-spirited fun. But rumors are circling about dark events occurring nearby that may threaten this idyllic setting.

4. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital was constructed in Parsippany and opened its doors for treatment in 1876; unfortunately, it closed its doors for good in 2008. The main building at Greystone was one of only three remaining Kirkbride structures left standing in New Jersey at that time.

5. The Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens is an expansive forest spanning seven counties. Home to abundant wildlife and local legends like the Jersey Devil, it serves as a home for both species living there and legends such as its mysterious spirit.

6. Shades of Death Road

Warren County's seven-mile road has gained a bad name due to murderous activity along its stretch - possibly due to highway bandits lurking in the shadows to strike at unsuspecting, unaware travelers. Shades of Death Road passes a lake called Ghost Lake that is said to be haunted by Native Americans and victims of witchcraft, with small caves surrounding its shores said to connect to ancient Lenape burial grounds.

7. The Devil's Tree

New Jersey offers no shortage of creepy spots. Yet, one Tree is particularly terrifying: Bernards Township's Devil's Tree. Said to be cursed by the souls of those killed during lynchings, touching it may cause snow not to fall around it if touched. Reports of sightings, chants, and body bags have appeared at this location.

8. The Gates of Hell

Discover Clifton's maze of tunnels known as The Gates of Hell. According to legend, they may hold bloody rituals and offer access to a secret room that houses a glowing skull!

9. Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

As its original name indicates, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital was founded as New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum by mental health advocate Dorothea Lynde Dix in 1848. She used the Kirkbride plan of patient privacy and natural lighting in creating the hospital environment, later criticized by Greenacre due to unwholesome facilities and methods employed by its director Dr. Henry Cotton.

10. Clinton Road

New Jersey offers many haunted places that can be scary and creepy, but none boast more legend than Clinton Road in West Milford. This 10-mile stretch of wilderness draws numerous late-night visitors. Satan worshipers hide behind trees, goats and chickens are sacrificed, and black trucks driven by escaped lunatics chase people along dark pothole-ridden roads.

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