6 of The Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

6 of The Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

6 of The Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania's Most Haunted LocationsPhiladelphia, PA - When it comes to ghost stories, Pennsylvania is full of them! Small towns and theaters are also rumored to be haunted by hospitals and asylums to theaters and parks. You never know where you'll find the next ghost story! Read on to learn more about some of Pennsylvania's most haunted locations! You may even come across a ghost story or two yourself! In the meantime, grab popcorn and a good book.

Some Of Pennsylvania's Most Haunted Locations

Dixmont Hospital

A 1912 report in the Pittsburgh Dispatch outlines one of Pennsylvania's most horrific stories of alleged ghosts. An Erie physician, Dr. Sevin, was an "inmate" of Dixmont for eight years. While there, he accused the hospital of abuse and neglect. He had "voluntarily" entered the hospital, claiming that it was not the fault of the afflicted. While there, he wrote many letters to his family and friends, but no one ever received them. During the Great Depression, employees worked for room and board without pay. Some were even thrown to their deaths. The alleged abuse of patients was so severe that their circulation stopped.

Though the buildings and grounds are in a dreadful state, many still want to tour the abandoned asylum. Tim Stroyne, a retired teacher, believes that the asylum is haunted but has never seen anything supernatural. He is collecting photographs, memorabilia, and other items related to the institution's history. Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh, Regional History Center, has a lot of information about Dixmont.

Bruce Hall

The University of Pennsylvania has many haunted places on its campus, including Bruce Hall. A ghostly presence has been reported in room 1201 of the residence hall, which is used for special events. Paranormal activity is reported to occur in the form of cold spots, objects moving, and feelings of spiritual presence. The ghosts, however, are not haunted by ghostly entities but are rather harmless spirits.

The historic grounds of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia campus are also haunted. Nearby Cliveden Manor, the First Bank of the United States, and the Pennsylvania Hospital are all believed to be haunted. During our visit, we could also visit a tunnel off of a highway with a ghost story. Our Green Man's Tunnel guide is the perfect place to start your adventure!

Green Man's Tunnel

You'll find the Green Man's Tunnel off Piney Fork Road in South Park, PA, a few miles north of downtown Pittsburgh. The tunnel is heavily wooded, with sections used for rock salt storage. Many people report seeing or hearing a glowing green figure. It is said that Robinson's spirit remains in the tunnel, causing it sometimes to halt traffic.

The Pittsburgh Green Man (also known as Charlie No-Face) is a local legend. He was an electrical worker and died in an accident while working on an abandoned railroad tunnel. Since then, many people have visited this tunnel, but the most famous location is in South Park Township. Despite being roped off, some people claim to hear his voice and see a disfigured green man emerge from the woods.

Hill View Manor

The ghosts of Hill View Manor have been around for years. One of the paranormal investigators who visited claimed to hear and see apparitions. He also communicated with spirits. The building is considered one of Pennsylvania's most haunted places. Although the building was closed in 2004, it still has many paranormal activities. The property is unheated and is unlit, with electricity only in a few areas. The rooms are also dark and shadowy, so flashlights are essential.

If you've never visited this haunted place, you're in for a treat! Several paranormal investigations have taken place at the historic mansion. The mansion has hosted the likes of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, and Ghost Adventures. People have also reported hearing voices and seeing objects move on their own. Despite the lack of formal evidence, people who have visited Hill View Manor are convinced that they're not alone in their fears.

Hotel of Horror

If you love the paranormal, you should visit the Hotel of Horror, Pennsylvania's Most Haunted Places. Located in the legendary Lake House Hotel, this haunted house offers guests the opportunity to see brain-eating zombies, paranormal activity, and award-winning sound and lighting. Located near Stroudsburg, PA, the Hotel of Horror is sure to scare even the bravest among you.

With a dark and sinister atmosphere, Hotel of Horror makes the experience all the more terrifying. Using classical haunting techniques with sinister twists, this attraction focuses on creating a terrifying experience. The atmosphere is created with atmospheric sound, blinding lights, and graphic horror. The scare actors use subtle and effective techniques to create a tense atmosphere. The Hotel of Horror is a unique haunt, so dress accordingly.

Rehmeyer's Hollow

Rehmeyer's Hollow, also known as Hex Hollow, came to national attention in 1928. Superstitions swept York County, and the area was declared a "Hex Hollow" due to the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer by Nellie Noll. John Blymire broke into Rehmeyer's house and tried to burn his spell book, but instead of lifting the curse, he killed him, setting the house ablaze.

The house has been reportedly haunted since the death of its owner. Several ghosts have been spotted around the house and in the forest. The fire that broke out only burned a portion of the house. The investigators believe that the ghosts are the descendants of Nelson Rehmeyer and are lingering in the house. Although the house has been destroyed by fire, the occupants have not yet been caught.

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